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Board Game Cafe

DyCE Cafe: The Best Board Game Cafe in Shibuya!

By Jessica Pender Jun 16, 2023

Do you like rolling dice, making friends, and winning at Monopoly? Do you want to practice your Japanese skills in a friendly environment or play board games in English? You should check out DyCE Cafe, the first language exchange & board game cafe in Tokyo!

Practice Your Japanese and Make Friends at a Board Game Cafe

DyCE Cafe

Photo credits: DyCE Global Board Game Cafe

Located just five minutes from Shibuya station, DyCE offers a unique opportunity: to practice your language skills while playing games! DyCE Global Board Game Cafe was started by female business owner Marina, who is a bilingual speaker of both English and Japanese. The cafe hosts over 100 games in multiple languages and has a plentiful food & drink menu. 

Board Games

Board Games

Photo credits: DyCE Global Board Game Cafe

At the cafe, you can find board game classics like Catan and Monopoly, or new favorites like Codenames and Exploding Kittens. The staff can help you read Japanese instructions to play non-English games too! Check out their website to see what’s new and the games they have on offer. I would personally recommend Wackel Stuhl, a German game where you stack miniature chairs. Best described as reverse Jenga, it is a great icebreaker to play with a large group. 

If you want to play a quieter game, you can also try Shiba Inu House, a cute multiplayer game where you try to build the perfect dog houses for your shiba using matching cards. 

No matter your preference, you will find a game that suits you! If you’re stuck for choice, you can always ask the staff for a recommendation. There is a large collection of English-language games, some of which are quite rare!

Food and Drink Menu

Stone Garden Cake

Photo credits: DyCE Global Board Game Cafe

DyCE’s menu offers both Japanese and Western-style food and drink. While you play, you can share a platter of nachos for ¥900 or a bowl of popcorn for ¥500. For a bigger meal, the cheese pizza is also a great choice, at only ¥700.

To celebrate your monopoly victories, you should order one of their cute desserts, like the DyCE parfait or the Zen Garden matcha chocolate cake (based on the Japanese game “Karesansui”, or Stone Garden) for ¥1000 each. 

The cafe also offers a selection of Instagrammable drinks, such as the Goldfish Bowl Cocktail! If you prefer non-alcoholic drinks, you can also order the iced Tapioca or assorted soft drinks instead. 

How to Get to DyCE Cafe

DyCE cafe interior

Photo credits: DyCE Global Board Game Cafe

To get to DyCE, you only need to walk 5-10 minutes from Shibuya station. You can find the location here on Google Maps. Inside there is both classic bar seating and bench seating with game tables. You can sit and play with your friends or join in with fellow patrons! If you are unsure of where to start, just ask one of the staff members. They can recommend a game for you to play or help find you someone else to join!

The decor is also very cute; the cafe has custom wood-burned dice boxes and drink coasters. You will feel at home right away!

If you plan to play with a group of friends, you need to reserve seats by calling ahead, contacting them on Instagram, or using their online reservation form. On weekdays, it costs ¥1,700 per person for two hours of play but only ¥2,200 for up to five hours. On weekends and holidays, it will cost you ¥1,900 per person for two hours, an ¥2,400 for up to five hours. 

To play on weekdays, make sure to make a reservation, otherwise the cafe might be closed! Typically DyCE is open from 12:00-19:00 on weekdays and 12:00-19:00 on weekends and holidays. If you’re ever unsure about whether to make a reservation or not, you can always message the cafe’s Instagram account @dyce_boardgamecafe for more information.

DyCE also offers rental of the whole shop for parties and events! If you want to have a fun birthday party at DyCE, you could invite up to 40 guests. For party inquiries, it is best to contact the cafe well in advance to make arrangements!

Make New Friends in Tokyo by Playing Board Games!

DyCE costume party

Photo credits: DyCE Global Board Game Cafe

The next time you’re in Shibuya, why not check out DyCE Global Board Game Cafe? It’s a fantastic language-exchange cafe and bar dedicated to helping customers grow their speaking skills through gameplay!

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