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Shops which price is unificated

By Guidable Writers Nov 29, 2015

100 yen shop is may be the most famous shop which price of all item is 100 yen (108 yen with tax).


However, there are some other shops which items or services are all same price.





(Reference : 3COINS)


You can buy items by 300 yen ( 3 one hundred coins ) in this shop. Quality of products are way better than the 100 yen shops one or you can find items, gears, tools which you cannot find in 100 yen shops.


There are good quality products. My favourite is wooden dishes. Eating pasta with this wooden dish is tasting and looking very good.









Also they sell those stationary products as well. It is good for daily use , and little presents for your friends or family.










Magnets shapes of animal    ( Reference : 3COINS)




This is how they keep attracting customers that they have seasonal items as well.










Sox of Santa ( Reference: 3COINS )




Due to the quality, some of their products are over 300 yen however it is deserved to pay.

ハウスライトー3COINS  1000円









Light shape of houses ( Reference: 3COINS )



3COINS have English HP. Let’s check out if you town or place you will visit has one.

It is very useful for both people who live in Japan or travelling Japan.




Hair cut


There are more than 100 hair cut place which you pay only 1000 yen.

If you bring the photo of hair style you want, they will cut your hair as the photo.


There are 2 major 1000yen-hair-cutshop.


QB house

QB house






(Reference : QB HOUSE)





Cut factory

cut factory






(Reference : Cut Factory)




They don’t have English page so that I put URL of locations of those 1000yen-hair-cut shop in Tokyo.



It will definitely help you when want get your hair cut simple and cheap.