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Place to enjoy Japan unique

By Guidable Writers Oct 21, 2015


In this blog, we will introduce places which are not major. There are so many attractive places in Tokyo. Places which don’t have multi language signboard are not likely to be introduced. However I will try to introduce very local places.


■1.Meguro Parasitological museum (Nearst staion : Meguro station)


You can see lots of parasite there. It is very rare museum in the world. One of the unique place in Tokyo.

It depends on you either you visit there before or after meal…



■2.Supreme Court of Japan(Nearest staion: Nagaticho station, Hanzoumon station)

※Court will be held in Japanese


You can hear and experience how Japanese trail progresses.

But all the objections and interrogation will be in Japanese. However it is not something normal travelers do. Besides, it is free to hear.



■3.Tokyo Toy Museum(Nearest station: Yotsuya-sanchome station)


More than 60% of area of Japan is covered by forest.

So, wood is familiar material for us as a daily items.

We invented many types of toys by wood and you can see and touch Japanese toy culture there.