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What to Do in Golden Week Around Tokyo

By Guidable Writers Apr 28, 2022

The most awaited week of the year is here – Golden Week! Have you made up your mind about what to do during the special week of the year? 

Going to Asakusa temple, a night stroll in Shibuya, or Disneyland may be a fascinating choice. But how about making this Golden Week a bit different? 

Guidable’s Recommendations – What to Do in Golden Week

Guidable has some excellent recommendations for spending your Golden Week with your loved ones in a new way in town! 

1. Hike Mountains Around Tokyo

Golden Week has a perfect combination of sunny but not-too-hot weather. It’s a wonderful time for you to try hiking some mountains around Tokyo for another level-up experience. 

Our recommended mountains have easy trail lines for a just-for-fun and easy-trecking experience. 

  1. Mount Takao

This is one of the most famous hiking spots around Tokyo, offering a fascinating scenery of Tokyo city up from the top. 

You may need to warm up and prepare a little beforehand as it takes you about 2 hours to reach the top of the top. However, if you want to enjoy the scenery without the effort, there is a ropeway that is ready to take you up and down back to the central station.

golden week mountain

Photo credits: Pexels, Eric Sanman

 2. Mount Koubou

Another easy track only takes you 2.5 hours to go up to the top. Mount Koubou is located near Mt.Oyama, providing spectacular sights of Tokyo.

3. Kinchakuda

If you are looking for a relaxing countryside walk rather than an endorphin rush, Kinchakuda will be a perfect fit. 

Along the route, there are a bunch of flower gardens with beautiful coloring ready to give you a breathtaking view. 

4. Mount Tsukuba

You might need a bit of adrenaline to get you up the mountain as Mount Tsukuba’s trailing track takes around 3 to 4 hours to reach the best view from the top. 

However, the dazzling views are very much worth it, you’ll be surprised just how amazing the view is from this mountain.

5. Mount Fuji 

For those who like to go-hard-or-go-home, you can hike the famous Mount Fuji during Golden Week. For more details and a better sight about hiking Mount Fuji, you can check our in-depth articles here

2. Visit Yearly Events Held Only During Golden Week 

Another way to spend a lovely day during the Golden Week are events or limited pop-up store visits around the neighborhood. 

We have some fun recommendations for you to have a leisurely visit and a fun experience with your loved ones to spend this Golden Week. 

golden week koi nobori

Photo credits: Canva.com

1. Carp Streamers at Tokyo Tower and Tokyo SkyTree

Until 8 May

If you are looking for photo spots to color up your Instagram feed, the Tokyo Tower 333 Carp Streamers and Tokyo SkyTree 1,000 Carp Streamer event is just for you. 

Both show off beautiful designs and have exciting festivals to visit, making it one of Tokyo’s most awaited Golden Week events.

This event is proposed to celebrate the children’s day of May 5th, with a colorful display during the day and fascinating LED lights at night. 

More info: here

2. Meat Festival Tokyo

28 April – 8 May

Here comes one of the biggest festivals in Tokyo, the Niku Festival! 

The Niku Festival will hold during the Golden Week at Odaiba Aomi Area P Sector. There will be many meat choices from worldwide, with different cultural backgrounds and histories. 

Find many different meals and dishes, please enjoy the variety of meat dishes at the festival! 

More info: here

3. Latin American Festival

14th-15 May

While this is not during Golden Week, you can still add it to your list of upcoming events. The Latin American Festival is the perfect chance to connect with the cultures of Caribbean and Latin American countries and islands with different native languages. 

Booths sell Latin BBQ, tacos, choripan, Caribbean sweets, mojitos, caipirinhas, beer, rum, tequila, and goods such as sundries and accessories.

More info: here

3. Entertainment Rides at Round 1 Tokyo

Another way to spend the Golden Week with your family and friends is to go to the entertainment park centers which are available in Tokyo! 

You can spend a whole day or an entire night in the center, playing different games for less than 5,000 yen! 

You can enjoy darts, bowling, karaoke, and billiards in Round 1, plus lots of UFO catcher claws machines and game choices. 

This will be a perfect way for friends to bond for a night spent at Round 1, enjoying the entertainment ride. 

golden week bowling

Photo credits: Pexels, Pavel Danilyuk 

So, Are You Ready to Have a Fun and Memorable Experience During this Golden Week of 2022? 

Having one or two selections from the above choices may give you another level of spending Golden Week differently. 

Especially if you plan to enjoy the Golden Week with your loved ones, family, or friends! 

There are numerous options on what to do around Tokyo; make sure to always check up on Guidable websites for other particular recommendations from us!

Devy Mufliha,


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