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Yodogawa Fireworks

By Guidable Writers Jul 22, 2016

Have you ever heard of “Yodogawa fireworks”?

It is the biggest fireworks in Osaka.
If you live in Osaka, or if you interested in fireworks, you should come and see it.


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<Where and when>

It is take placed in riverside of “Yodogawa” (Yodo river) on second Saturday of August every year.


スクリーンショット 2016-07-22 0.57.45[Reference: http://www.yodohanabi.com/html/guide/guide.html]

You can see the fireworks from north side of Yodo river or west side of Yodo river. You get off at the Juso station if you want to see the fireworks from the north side of Yodo river. If you want to see the fireworks from west side , you get off at the Umeda station or Nakatsu station. These stations are next each other across the Yodo river. Let’s see the differences between these two station’s environments on that day.

  1. North side of Yodo river

If you want to feel like “festival”, you should get out of the train at Juso station. There are many “Demise” which sell many Japanese traditional foods.


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You must be soaking up the festivals.

Also, it is good for people who don’t like the wave of people. There are less people than west side.

  1. West side of Yodo river

West side of the Yodo river is more accessible via public transportation than north side. On the other hand, you have to be careful with crowd of people. There are big waves of people every year. You will need long time to buy some food or to go to bathroom.

<Be careful with the wave of people!>

You should go by train instead of car because there are no places to park. You can take Hankyu line to go to both of them; Juso station and Nakatsu station. It will take less than 10 minutes from Umeda station. You have to be careful with the time. The fireworks will start with 19:40. But you have to arrive the station at 18:00 or you will be late to arrive the place to see the fireworks. You will take a lot of time to get to there because there are too many people.

The situation is the same when the fireworks display finished. There are big wave of people to take the train. If you need to go back to home soon, I will recommend that you should take the train just before the fireworks display finished.

I hope you enjoy the fireworks festival!