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Free! Ask Anything Consultation Event For Foreigners in Japan!

By Alex Gray Jul 9, 2020

Living in a country different from the one you grew up in has its merits and problems. Life in Japan as a foreigner is different for everyone but there are often similar issues we share. Have you had any problems recently come up for you as a non-Japanese resident living in Japan? 

What are the Main Problems Foreigners Face in Japan?

Living in Japan means looking for a job, shopping for necessities, renting somewhere to stay. Do you know where to look for a job, what you need for the job-hunting process, and how to go about it? Are there any problems you have when going shopping, do you want to shop cashless but have been declined by credit card companies? Have you found your dream apartment, where there any issues when you tried to rent an apartment? 

We would like to take a look at some of the more common difficulties faced by foreigners in Japan and introduce an event that will help you solve them. 

Signing Real Estate Contracts

Have you been house hunting in Japan and found it was more difficult than you expected? Here are some problems encountered when house hunting! 

The Price 

It’s often a shock for foreigners in Japan to see how much renting a place in Japan can cost, and it’s not just in Tokyo. The cost of living in Japan is generally quite high in comparison to other countries but apartments in the city are where this really becomes apparent. Most apartments ask for you to pay key money and a security deposit which makes moving into a new place very expensive. You may have to pay around 300,000-500,000 yen in total when you move in, which is a huge amount. The shiki-kin (security deposit) is used to restore the property to its original condition when you move out and should be returned to you if you do not damage the apartment in any way, while reikin (key money) is paid to the landlord when you sign the lease agreement. If you continue to stay there after the two year contract, the renewal fee is often a fee equal to two months’ rent when you sign a new contract!

Payment Methods

It is often difficult for foreigners who do not speak Japanese to open a bank account or get a credit card in Japan.

If you don’t have a bank account or credit card, you will not be able to make automatic payments for rent. Some landlords will not accept tenants who are unable to use their preferred payment method so this makes it difficult to secure a rental property.

Other Common Problems

  • – There are not many places that cater to foreigners 
  • – Some landlords are reluctant to rent to foreigners simply because they are “foreigners”
  • – Difficult to sign a lease if you are not a full-time employee in Japan
  • – Difficult to pass the guarantor company’s examination
  • – Can’t find a Japanese guarantor

There are, however, some options available for foreigners in Japan. A popular solution are sharehouses, which are often a great place to start and a good opportunity to make friends with both Japanese and non-Japanese residents. While on the more expensive side, there are monthly or more long-term apartments catered for foreign residents that often come with furniture included so you can start your life right away. 

At this event, we will show different solutions to your real estate problems. Talk to a real estate representative who will help you find a place to live!

Tackling Job Hunting in Japan

The Japanese work culture is very different for some foreigners coming to Japan. While changes are slowing being implemented in the system recently, even the job hunting process is different. Many companies still prefer new graduates who apply to their companies while in their last year of college and take them on as fresh recruits. This can be a difficult system for foreigners in Japan to enter. 

We are opening up a space where you can talk to a consultant about your job prospects. The consultant will help you in the referral of jobs that meet your requirements and assist in planning for your future career. You can talk about qualifications and visa issues. You will learn how to apply for a job and how to make yourself marketable to recruiters.

Making a Credit Card in Japan

In general, Japanese banks and credit card companies will ask you if you have proof of identity and income guarantee. or are you blacklisted due to past financial problems? Your income, your work contract, residency status, and sometimes your nationality may influence the credit you are given. It is difficult to get a bank account or credit card in Japan and most credit card companies judge it to be too risky to give credit to foreigners. 

Up until recent years living in Japan without a credit card was hard, but you could always rely on cash. Now there are many services that require you to have a Japanese credit card which is a problem for foreigners unable to make one. Some of these include subscription services, online shopping and automatic payments. 

We would like to introduce the J Trust Global Card. You can apply easily online in a simple process that is available in Tagalog, Portuguese, Vietnamese, and 5 other languages. This card is designed with foreigners who are not able to get a Japanese credit card in mind. You don’t even need to register a bank account, and you can control the credit limit to ensure you don’t overspend. 

Representatives of J Trust Global Card will be at the event to talk about financial services and credit cards in Japan. 

Where Can I Talk About my Problems in Japan?

Our Guidable event will give you the opportunity to consult with specialists about the problems you’ve been having while living in Japan.

Learn who to write a Japanese CV, take an interview, what it’s like to work in Japan and what mindset you need to get hired. 

What problems are bothering you about your life in Japan? Use the free time to chat and get real solutions. 

On day 1 hear from specialists about the real estate system in Japan and find out what you need to know when looking for somewhere to live. Get recommendations of places perfect for foreigners living in Japan and house hunt without the headache.  

On day 2 financial specialists will talk about financial services in Japan. You will have the opportunity to learn more about finance in Japan from a specialist and have the chance to apply for a credit card.  

Join in the games throughout the day, meet new people, and make new friends. Join our Guidable community! 

Free Consultation Event for Foreigners Living in Japan Event

Day 1 Sun, July 19th
Day 2 Wed, July 29th

Time: 11:00-18:00


Available on both days: 

  • – Free consultations
  • – CV building
  • – Interview workshops
  • – Working in Japan mindset
  • – Games and meetups

Day 1: 

  • – Japanese real estate consultations
  • – Recommendations for places to live 

Day 2:

  • – Financial services in Japan
  • – Credit cards in Japan