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Japanese Resume: Here is How to Properly Write it

By Guidable Writers Mar 30, 2017

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Need to Write a Resume for Your Job Application in Japan? Here’s How…

When you look for a job in Japan either permanent or part-time job, there are certain ways to follow. First of all, you need to prepare your resume or CV. You can buy the paper template in convenience store shops and fill in by hand, or download the templates from online websites and fill it up with your details. It may depend on the company how they want you to submit it. Generally speaking, there are two types of CVs – one is for the simple resume which you write about your all basic information, and the other requires specific information from your previous job experiences.

1. For Part-Time Job Seekers

If you are looking for a part-time job, or if you are already a senior in the university, you need to prepare for the following type of CV. As an example, I wrote it down in English to show what to write, however, you would be asked to prepare it in Japanese when you apply for the job.

Don’t forget to write “以上”(means “end”)after you complete writing the work experience.

Keep in mind that you must only use a black or blue pen when you write your CV by hand (Do not use pencil). In the section of motivation, it is also important to indicate how you can contribute to the job or to the company from your experience. If you do not have any previous working experience, list up something about the achievement or effort that you have achieved in your life.

2. For Mid-Career Job Seeker

If you already have several experiences from your previous job experiences, it would be ideal to prepare for the additional document which will explain in detail about all your working experiences besides the resume (CV) that I describe the above. The format is usually not specified, but the content usually includes the details such as; brief company’s information (types of industry, the number of employees, and the profit revenue) as well as the job description, your achievement, and contribution. It would help the employer to understand your ability if the specific profit you have made is indicated for example. And last but certainly not the least, it is very much crucial to express your passion towards the position you would like to get and convince the company to see you for an interview.




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