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[Jin’s adventure in Japan~Chinese student eye~3] The inaugural advice for foreign students in Japan

By Guidable Writers Feb 20, 2017

In Japan, every senior student must have experience one thing in the life – inauguration. As an international student, if you want to work in Japan after graduation, you must participate in the inaugural activities like Japanese students. we will spend a lot of time and energy to find a work, whether it is Japanese or foreign students. For foreign students, we do not understand the Japanese workplace culture, and we can not speak Japanese fluently. So if we want to find a job in Japan, maybe it will spend more time and more energy than Japanese students.

At the beginning, I didn’t know anything about the inaugural activities in Japan. I just know those inaugural activities will be banned in March. So I was still in a very relaxed time before March. Later, I realized that I did not seize the moment at that time. Therefore, for senior students, especially for foreign students, the inaugural activities should begin as early as possible. It is also very important to research of the inaugural industry. Industry research could help us understand the business situation of different industries, and it also can help us find a favorite job. And you can use some inaugural sites to help you find the acceptable job. You can find a lot of helpful information on these inaugural websites. There have some inaugural websites which could provide advice for foreign students to find works. If you have any problems, you also could ask questions on these inaugural websites.

It took me 4 months to find a job. So I would like to share my experience and feelings when I find a job in Japan.

Firstly, prepare a clean and neat resume. In the resume, you should write your own strong points and experience as much as possible. For the interviewer, the job seeker’s information is obtained from the resume before the interview. Therefore, a clean and neat resume can give a good impression to the interviewer, and it will also be a good point for job seekers during the interview.

Secondly, we should pay attention to the image. The color of the hair is best to avoid too bright colors, and black color is best when we participate in the inaugural activity. Although the company said that we could wear our own clothes to participate in job fairs, as a job seeker, we must wear a suit. Because the suit is a business uniform and looks very clean and fresh. It will give the interviewer a sense of honesty when the job seeker wears a suit. We have to learn a lot of rules and etiquette when we take part in the inaugural activity. Although there have some difficulties for foreign students, it will let us feel about Japanese workplace culture.

Finally, you should have a smile in the interview. Before the interview, you should have a specific understanding of the business and work of the company which you want to join in. And you will be confident in your interview if you be prepared.

I have found a job now. When I review the past of the inaugural experience, I have a lot of feelings. I was so disappointed and saddened when I didn’t pass the final interview. And sometimes I doubt your abilities, even want to give up looking for a job in Japan. Although it is difficult, I still stick to my views. So, don’t give up your dream, and you will be successful. I hope every foreign student could find a suitable job in Japan.





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