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Things you must not do at your work place

By Guidable Writers Jul 12, 2017

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This can be said to most of the students who are working as a part time worker. I believe there are many students that are not familiar with business manner. Even though if it is just a part time work, there are things that you should not do. So in this article I am going to talk about the things that you must not do at your workplace! These things are very important as these have been done by a lot of part time workers and it will make the guest very upset. “


Do not chat with your friends while you are working!


If you start part-time jobs especially in restaurants or supermarkets, sometimes your friends may come to visit you as a guest. They might want to see your face, or just want to tease you, but it certainly makes you really happy. However, you must not chat with your friends, who came to your work place. You need to bear in mind that you are still at your work. You need to know that if you talk to your friends, then the other guest may see you and they may not really happy with your attitude. You will give them an impression that you are not serious enough, and your trust may go down. It does not mean that you are completely to forbidden to talk to your friends. Of course it is okay for you to talk to your friends just a bit, but remember not to play too much!


Do not use the phone on the office for personal use!


Needless to explain, the phone that is in your workplace is the office’s property. You are not supposed to use it for your own purpose. If you use the phone, it is going to cost the office to pay high electric fee.


Also, if you use the phone in your workplace, it may make the office unable to catch the important call from its business partner. It may cause your company huge damage, and it may also cause trouble to your guest. Therefore, you should not use the phone in your office.


Do not take the properties in the office back home!


All the pens, staplers, rubber bands and papers in your workplace belong to the office. They all belong to your workplace, and as your workplace owns it, you are allowed to use it only when you are working.


If you bring your property back to your house, it can be seen as a crime. Therefore, you should not take the office’s belonging back to your home.

Don’t borrow money from your colleagues.


Lending and borrowing money at your work place is very risky, because hierarchy among workers are easily formed when it happens. If you borrow money from your colleague, it might cause you a lot of trouble. You should think carefully before you really borrow or lend money to your colleague.


I have mentioned all the examples that you should not do at your workplace. These actions may cause your workplace a lot of trouble, and your trust may fall at your work place. You should understand that these irresponsible actions might cause a lot of trouble to your worker and yourself. Therefore, think carefully before you act!


There are some rules that are set for foreigners regarding the working hour. If you are not from Japan and you want to work in Japan, you should check it out as it is very important for you!


Rules for non-Japanese people!


If you are a foreigner, there are several rules that you need to know about the working hour. First, during school terms, foreign students can work up to 28 hours a week. If you have more than two different jobs, the total working hours of all the jobs you have should not go over 28 hours. During school holidays, you can work up to 8 hours a day during school holidays, less than 40 hours a week under the rule of labor standard Acts. If you have more than 2 different jobs, the total working hours of all the jobs you have should not go over 40 hours a week.


So, if you are working in Japan and you are not a Japanese, you need to be careful of the rules regarding the working hour!


Also, there are certain types of jobs that are not able for the foreigners to do. Under Act Regulating Adults Entertainment Business, foreign students are not allowed to work at entertainment and amusement business. The entertainment and amusement business refers to adult entertainment, pachinko, and mahjong parlor, amusement arcade, cabaret and bar.


According to the law, foreign students are not allowed to engage in any type of part time jobs at those business even the job in dishwasher.


As you can see, there are certain types of jobs that are not able for foreigners to do. If you are finding part time jobs, make sure you avoid choosing these kind of jobs!

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