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3 Best Gifts for Christmas!

By Guidable Writers Dec 22, 2017

Merry Christmas! Who is your most special person? Japanese people exchange gifts a lot throughout the year. Christmas is one of the biggest gift giving seasons of the year! To your lover, son, daughter, best friend…. But what kind of things do we have to give? Of course, they would be super happy with anything if it is your choice! However, I guess you need some recommendations on Christmas gift for your special Japanese people! Here you are. Hope it will help you guys!


For Boyfriend/ Husband

1st: Wallet

This is used almost everyday but, lots of guys don’t care about replacing their wallet even if it’s too old and some parts are broken! So, they should be happy if you buy it. But, you have to choose the same style wallet as the one they use now, which is folded one or long one since it is probably their favourite style! Also, it should be high quality and strong, however you don’t have to choose from famous brands or expensive leather. But if they are “fashionable” guys, don’t choose a wallet as gift because they might not like it!


2nd: Key Case

Actually, lots of guys have difficulties managing their keys, and even if they manage with a key case, it must be old or not fashionable. You had better buy the one with high quality leather since they should use it for a few years at least. Japanese guys usually prefer a simple design.


3rd: Necktie

I guess most of you have an image of Japanese guys as in suits! Yes, usually we have to wear simple suits when we work! Therefore, necktie is one of the important items for a business man. And just imagine; if it’s your choice, they can survive the hard work in Japan! However, the design should be simple and colour should be dark, such as navy blue and wine red.


For Girlfriend/ Wife

1st: Neckless

If it is the first time to spend Christmas day with your girlfriend or if you already have a marriage ring, neckless would be the best idea! It is usually cheaper than rings and even if it’s from Tiffany, you can find one from 20000yen! The design has to be simple but beautiful, for example heart shaped with one or two small diamonds.


2nd: Ring

It is a Japanese girl’s dream to get a set ring with their boyfriends or husbands as a Christmas gift! But pair rings doesn’t mean ‘marriage ring’, so normally couple put them on their ring fingers on their right hands, which however doesn’t really matter even with right hands! If you can’t decide the one, you had better to choose ‘limited edition for Christmas (kurisumasugenteishohinクリスマス限定商品)’. You can also go to the shop with her and choose together!


3rd: Dinner

It is not a thing, but romantic moment should be an unforgettable memory for her! Though you have to select a expensive and gorgeous restaurant with a dress code. She will be in love with you again if you wear a cool suit that you normally don’t put on! Also, I recommend you that you should be prepared with a little flower as a Christmas gift! Price of this kind of restaurant is 10000-20000yen on average! Plus, don’t forget make a booking before you go, otherwise that night might out to be nightmare!


For son (~primary school)

1st: Game Software

If they go to school in Japan, they have to know the popular game since games are a popular topic for boys in Japan. Sometimes, they might get bullied in class if they do not really know about new game software! However, games are not so cheap, around 3000-5000yen and also 30000-50000yen for the gaming device! Therefore, you can’t buy it for them each time they’re released, but it should be a great time to give it to them, as Christmas gifts! Here is the ranking for game software! Hope it’ll help you to choose!

Website: https://rank.gameiroiro.com/game.php (in Japanese)


2nd: Anime Character Goods

Most Japanese children, especially 1st-3rd grades of primary school should have some of their favourite anime character such as ranger (レンジャー) and masked rider (Kamen raida仮面ライダー). In toy shops such as ‘Toizarasu (トイザらス), there are plenty types of goods for Anime characters. So, you can easily find some there!


3rd: Sport goods

Lots of boys like playing sports, so they would be glad about sports goods as Christmas gifts. Popular sports for Japanese boys are baseball, football and basketball. Therefore, it is better to give them a catcher’s glove, football set or basketball set, which is for kids. Bicycles and skateboards are also a good choice! There are Kid’s size in sports shops or sometimes in big super markets such as AEON.

For Daughter (~primary school)

1st: Creating Toy

This is any toy that children can make little snacks and accessories. After they graduate kindergarten, their fingers are becoming more skilful and they want to do something that their mothers do. It is easy to find in toy shops and interesting even for adults! For example, for a cotton candy (Wataameわたあめ) machine, you just need to prepare crystal sugar or candy and put them into the small machine after turning on switch and wait 1min . Just spin it around the bamboo skewer. Normally, everything they need is included with the toy, so don’t worry about extra items!


2nd: Play House Set

I guess not only in Japan, but also in other countries, girls like to play house! The most famous one is ‘Sylvanian Families (シルバニアファミリー)’, which has so many type of house, doll and accessories of dolls! Besides this, there are lots of play houses in toy shops. I just advise you to pick out the one which has a lot of rooms and which the lay-out easily can be changed, since it would make them bored if it’s too simple!


3rd: Makeup Set

Most girls, especially who are over 10years old, are interested in makeup like their mothers! However, child’s skin is still sensitive like baby’s skin, so I guess you don’t want to give them cosmetics, as it’s is too early for them! But don’t worry. Makeup sets for young girls are made to protect their skin. It is easy to remove with water, and they can put as much as they want since it’s pale coloured!


However, these are all just popular gifts in general. You know what their favourite things are! Again, I am sure that they would be happy with anything if it is from you! In addition, in Japan we put Christmas gifts near our children or under the Christmas tree while they are sleeping to pretend Santa Claus is coming! With best wishes for Merry Christmas and Happy new year to you all!