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3 Ways to Enjoy Green Tea Products

By Guidable Writers Jun 7, 2017

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It’s Time to Taste Newly-Picked Tea !

Japanese people like green tea as their soul drink, and they drink it while eating, to be hydrated, and refresh themselves. Do you know May is the season of newly-picked green tea? In Japan, fresh tea leaves are harvested this time each year, and tea plantation fields are covered with the leaves’ fresh green color. You might already see or get seasonal products which features green tea or matcha. Or you might not like green tea because of its bitterness, and you think you need to be sweetened to drink it. However, the way to taste green tea is not only one. These are 3 picks to enjoy green tea products. If you haven’t tried drinking green tea yet, know the features of green tea and add to your eating habits.

Why Do Japanese Drink Unsweetened Green Tea?

Japanese people could be surprised at sweetened green tea beverage when they see it outside of Japan and they think it is unbelievable. Because it is common that green tea is drank straight for them. They know green tea tastes slightly bitter, but they also feel a little sweetness in it. Therefore, other variations of green tea like hojicha (roasted green tea) and genmaicha (green tea with brown rice) have different aromatic flavor and taste from usual green tea, and good for drink while eating. Moreover, matcha (powdered green tea) is stronger and darker than usual, but you can take in all nourishment of green tea; catechin, vitamin C, etc. Matcha is often drank and served with Japanese confectionery which is made from red bean paste on tea ceremony.

Because the confectionery is so sweet, matcha should be stronger and goes well it. Green tea is also known as a noncaloric drink, and people like to drink it as hydration. If you pay attention to your health and diet, you should try unsweetened green tea. Even green tea beverage is available all year around, several companies introduce seasonal beverage which is made by newly-picked leaves especially this time. It has quite milder taste, and you may try it as introduction as unsweetened one.

How to Make Green Tea

When Japanese people drink green tea at home, they usually brew tea leaves with boiled water. Even it depends on a kind of tea, it is commonly said that tea should be brewed with hotter water. Put some tea leaves directly in to tea pot called kyusu, and add moderate amount of boiled water, then wait until the leaves’ color comes out. To serve several cups of tea with the same strength, you should pour little by little to each cup. If you pour it by the cup, the first one could be stronger, and the last one could be weaker. Though green tea bags are uncommon, you can find tea filter bag at the store. It makes easier to chuck out tea leaves after brewing and wash tea pot. Furthermore, instant green tea is also available. The feature is it is easy to dissolve in both water and boiled water. Moreover, some of them contain matcha to give stronger and richer taste. Not only at home, you may put instant green tea into your bag to drink it at your office, school, etc. Because both tea leaves and instant tea are sold by the same company as the same brand, they also have almost same taste, and small companies prepare instant green tea for visitors, and it is not informal though it doesn’t be brewed.

Have Some Matcha Latte; The Another Side of Green Tea

Japanese people never deny not to drink green tea straight. Because matcha is quite stronger, they occasionally drink milder one. It is called “matcha latte”. Its name varies by shops, but it means matcha with foamed milk. It might be unbelievable, but matcha goes well with milk, and tastes rather mild and is also good when you are relaxing. In summer, frozen one is also served at several coffee shops and cafes, and you would have chance to try it. Furthermore, some confection companies sell green tea flavor caramel which is inspired by matcha latte. You can enjoy both bitterness of matcha and rich taste of milk.

Green Tea Is Not Only Beverage

Do you know green tea products are not only beverage? Though some companies also try to make another product which is made by green tea, the typical products might be sweets; ice cream, pudding, chocolate, etc. Especially green tea flavor Kit Kat has already become new standard Japanese souvenirs. Furthermore, you can also see another green tea flavor confectionery as seasonal products. All products taste sweet and refreshing, and green tea scent brings you peace of mind. All products are made from matcha and have vivid green color which comes from the ingredients like below, and it matches with fresh green trees around the town. If you don’t really like drinking green tea, they might be the easiest way to try it for non-Japanese people. Because most of them are made by newly-picked leaves, they might be limited-time offering.

Perfume Yourself with Green Tea Scent Fragrance

Have you worn green tea scent fragrance? Many Japanese people still have a notion that people shouldn’t wear perfume, but this fragrance have been getting more and more popular lately. The fragrance is sold from several cosmetics companies, and good for use as dairy fragrance because it doesn’t perfume heavily. Even it doesn’t perfume only green tea and contains several flavoring agents, it makes you refresh and relaxing and is best used in summer. Of course, the scent varies by brand, and try and compare them, then find your favorite one. However, you shouldn’t wear it too much though the scent disappears easily. Some brands also sell the same series of body care products to be lasted long its clean scent. You may also use them, and they must be best with the fragrance.

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