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5 Places to See Robots in Japan

By Devy Jun 21, 2022

Have you ever seen any robots in Japan or come across robots while out and about? 

When you’ve imagined Japan, have you ever thought that having robots serve you in restaurants and move around freely is seen as something quite common? 

If you have, you’re right! In Japan, it is very typical to see robots in real-life walking around, moving around, or doing things to help you finish what you’re doing.

Nowadays, you can even find information centers operated by robots who are at the ready to help out at some shopping centers.

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Photo credit: Alex Knight, (Pexels)

Whether you are wondering where you can interact with these fantastic robot helpers or just want to see some robots, we have a few great recommendations for you. 

1. Henn Na Hotel, Various

Henn Na Hotel is a famous Japanese hotel chain that can be found across the country, and all have robots working as their receptionists! 

Known as the world’s first robot-staffed hotel, Henn Na Hotel has already gone worldwide because of its uniqueness.

Once you walk into the lobby, you may see a beautiful robot standing behind the reception desk or a huge dinosaur all ready to answer your questions and help you check in right away. 

They are dressed similarly to your usual receptionist staff with a formal suit and name tag to help create a good impression on every guest in the hope they have a pleasant stay. 

The robots will help you check in and check out with the help of their amazing ability to use many languages. 

There will be another robot to help you with your luggage, waiting in another room and working behind the scenes to help you with all the work that comes with lots of luggage.

Some people may only stop by to take pictures or see the robots standing and blinking behind the desk. 

For more information about the unique robots, look at their website here

2. Diver City Odaiba Gundam Statue, Odaiba

If you are a Gundam lover and want to see the biggest standing Gundam on earth, Diver City Odaiba is the place for you! 

Located near the mini statue of liberty and the famous rainbow bridge, Diver City Odaiba is a shopping center with a huge variety of shops and restaurants. 

The one thing that makes Diver City Odaiba unique is a giant Gundam measuring in at 19.7m, standing in front of the shopping center, which occasionally moves! 

Even better, you can also go to The Gundam Base Tokyo toy shop inside the Diver City Odaiba. The Gundam Base Tokyo is a place to see, learn, and buy everything Gundam, with more than 500 kinds of Gundam merchandise on sale.

photo of to scale gundam statue in japan

Photo credit: Canva

There are occasionally  Gundam-related shows and events at Diver City Odaiba. You can enjoy yourself and take part in an unforgettable Gundam experience! 

For more details about the Gundam and events, check out this website

3. TEPIA Advanced Technology Gallery, Minato-Ku

TEPIA is an association for technological excellence promoting innovation and technological advancement, as well as being a research facility and specialized museum. 

The museum is separated into different zones, each with various exhibitions and activities, to ensure visitors leave with a memorable experience surrounding technology. 

Inside the museum are a workshop area, technology showcase room, programming experience, and a fun technology lab for visitors to enjoy. 

Here, you can learn about the latest details surrounding the advancement of technology, including the study of robots, and take part in different kinds of specialized experiences such as programming workshops. 

You can even directly interact with mini-robots or have a go at moving them around for a more hands-on experience. 

a photo of two robots dancing

Photo credit: Pavel Danilyuk, (Pexels)

Spending a few hours here will make you feel like you have experienced life in the future with all its super-advanced equipment and abundance of information related to technology and robotics studies. Visiting is a must!

4. Dawn Avatar Robot Cafe

A new hit is in town! Dawn Avatar Robot cafe is a futuristic, new concept within the food & beverage industry, and they promote equality in welcoming those with disabilities as staff. 

Coupled with the help of amazing robots, this restaurant has been making use of the newest innovations every year since it was first created in 2018.

They provide a high-quality space for people to meet, work and hang out inside this cafe staffed by robots. 

If you love technology and would love to see another level of technology advancement, Dawn Avatar Robot Cafe should be at the top of your list! 

For more details, visit their website in advance. Click here for more information.

5. Robot Restaurant, Kabukicho

The Robot Restaurant in Kabukicho takes the entertainment experience to another level! Located in the center of Shinjuku’s main entertainment district, the Robot Restaurant will take you on a crazy journey with robots. 

Anyone of any age would be delighted to see these unique robots moving around, interacting with guests, or doing some shows!

The Robot Restaurant truly offers you a uniquely Japanese experience with massive craziness coming from different kinds of robots. 

Once you walk through the front door, you can see some dancing robots inspired by Japanese anime, manga, or computer games with advanced visualization. 

You can experience your interaction with them and have a magnificent time when staffed by robots! 

However, the price can be pretty high for some people, and you may spend about 8,000 yen each person for the experience. Yet, every single minute you spend here is a very worthy turnover!

If you are interested in visiting, look at their official website here. There may be a chance that the restaurant is closed depending on the time of your visit due to the pandemic, so make sure to contact them in advance for confirmation. 

Are You Ready to Have Your First Experience with a Robot? 

Soon, wondering what the future will look like will be possible through more than just your imagination. Now, you have a chance to experience it! 

In Japan, it is very possible to see and experience the world of the future, which gives you an insight into just how advanced some of the technology in Japan is. 

So, if you are interested, go and visit some of the places mentioned above and take this chance to have a look at the future. 


Devy Mufliha,


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