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Chicken Ramen, the Origin of Instant Ramen

By Guidable Writers Sep 25, 2016

“Happy Belated Birthday, Chicken Ramen”

Have you ever tried Chicken Ramen? It is the 1st instant ramen in the world which was introduced by Nissin Foods on August 25, 1958. If you have tried it, you might be surprised at its simple chicken taste. This long-seller instant ramen keeps the same flavor for over 55 years and continues being one of the most popular instant ramen. August 25 has been also established as “Ramen Day” in Japan, and several radio stations nationwide have public broadcasting as “Chicken Ramen Birthday Special” near the day every year.



Immediately Tasty, Very Tasty

Chicken Ramen is well known for its slogan “Immediately Tasty, Very Tasty”. How to cook is so simple; put ramen into the bowl and add boiled water (the ramen is pre-seasoned), then put lid on it and wait for 3 minutes. You can also cook it stew on the stove for 1 minute. The best toppings could be eggs and green onion as package, and you may put eggs before you pour boiled water. Or if you like garlicky taste, you may also add garlic powder. Only bagged type was available for long time, but cup type named Chicken Ramen Donburi has been introduced in 1991, and people can cook it much easier.



Arranged Chicken Ramen to Make It Tastier

If you often eat Chicken Ramen, you might try to arrange to make it tastier. Even though there are lots of recipes on its official site, but here is one of official arrange recipe below named Cold Chicken Ramen. It is one of recipes which the company has officially introduced as “Noodles for Surviving the Intense Heat” on its website.

  • Put Chicken Ramen into the bowl and add water, then put lid on it and refrigerate for 30 minutes.
  • Add any toppings as you like before you eat.

More recipes;


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More Chicken Ramen Flavor

“Chicken Ramen” is no longer only noodles. Several spinoff products have been available since 2007, and its variation has been increasing. For example, “Yaki Chicken”, Chicken Ramen flavor fried noodles, okonomiyaki mix, fried rice, etc. Especially okonomiyaki mix includes seasoned flour and noodles, and you need only eggs and cabbages to make it. Moreover, you may cook or eat as it is when you choose fried chicken ramen. When you eat as it is, it would go well with alcohol. If you will be tired of cooking with usual recipe, try new style and find your own taste.