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Experience Cooking Your Own Dish

By Guidable Writers Dec 9, 2016

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Not Only BBQ

Do you like cooking your own dish at restaurant? How do you feel it? You might think it is only BBQ. However, in Japan, there are some restaurants which offers it. Most of them would be completed on the griddle, and when you have meal there with your friends and family, you all would enjoy doing it and have a lot of fun. If you haven’t been familiar with Japanese cooking yet, you may experience it as the first step.

Cooking Your Own (1) Okonomiyaki/Monja

First things first, you might experience it easily at okonomiyaki or monja restaurant. At okonomiyaki restaurant, it is offered with Osaka or Tokyo style because it is quite easy. However, when you order Tokyo style and don’t really have confidence, you may ask staff to make it. However, if you visit Hiroshima style okonomiyaki restaurant, you can’t experience it because of lots and lots ingredients especially cabbage and it is difficult to try it though you are interested in Hiroshima style. Because Hiroshima and Tokyo style have similar cooking similar methods, you should try Tokyo style at first.


(Photo by Yuko)

Cooking Your Own (2) Pepper Rice

Pepper Lunch Restaurant serves steak which cooks by yourself at your table. Because your complete your own dish, you can create your taste and control the degree of burning. Its signature Pepper Rice, fried rice with steak is served with iron plate, and you need to finish cooking yours. Mix well until beef become well-done. According to its website, even 20 minutes has passed since you started eating, your meal keeps being hot about 80 degrees. Of course, steaks are same, too. This style has also another reason; to serve steak faster and cheaper. Pepper Lunch now has several locations both in and outside Japan. More info; www.pepper-fs.co.jp/main/business/overseas_dv/.


(Photo by Yuko)

Cooking Your Own (3) Pancake

Even Japanese pancake “hot cake” has been popular as dessert, pancake boom from Hawaii still continues. Because Japanese people rarely have savory pancakes, it seems to be cool for them. Therefore, some okonomiyaki restaurant which serves cooking your own okonomiyaki also offers buttermilk pancake cooked on your griddle. You can choose toppings both for dessert and savory, and you can create your own style. Though Japanese “hot cake” has sweet flavor, many people feel quite salty when they try American pancake at first. However, several people are obsessed by its different taste. Because you can cook by yourself, you can share its toppings with your friends. You might think there is an embarrassing choice, but actually bacon goes well with maple syrup.