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Enjoy Living in the Japanese Country Side

By Guidable Writers Mar 28, 2017

Some of you like to live in the big Cities. 

On the other hand, some of you love the countryside.

Or some of you just had no choice to be in the countryside in order to learn specific Japanese traditional skills.

This is the right article for you those who ended up with living in Japanese country side for any of these reasons.  These three tips below would lead your way to live in the countryside HAPPY.

First of all, your neighbors in Japanese countryside LOVE to bug you. It may be not a proper word for it.

That is their nature to take care of you and give you things like vegetables.

Your neighbors keep feeding and feeding so that you would feel bad for not doing anything in return.  Please, do not feel bad.  Instead of feeling bad, you could just thank them and have those vegetables.  That would make your neighbors so happy.Of course, you can go and visit your neighbors and talk to them. That would be really nice as well because sometimes they just like to have you for a company.

Secondary, you need to understand they have dialects in each area even within the same prefecture. It is like your country where there are different intonations or an accent depends on which part of the country you are in.

Although you have studied Japanese so hard back home, you may not understand a word of people saying with dialects. Yet, if you master standard Japanese and dialects, you kind of learned three different languages.

It would be so much fun to find differences in standard Japanese and dialects.

Finally, your neighbors would love you for joining community events. 

There are annual events and programs in each district.

For example, seasonal festivals and traditional cooking class, “Kimono” class where you can learn how to wear “Kimono.”  Since there is no English school in the country side, people may expect you to teach English in that area.  That would be good for both you and the community.

This lady who teaches my English class joined “Taiko” group.  “Taiko” is the Japanese traditional dram.  She loved playing and interacting with other players.

It would be fun learning Japanese culture from native Japanese.

Most of all, it is important to remember that your neighbors are curious about you.

Please do not hesitate to get help and be involved.  If you show your enthusiasm to observe Japanese culture, tradition, and language, they would know it without understanding any of your English words.

Big cities would be interesting because of varieties of shops, bars, and everything.  However, there so many things you can learn and experience only in the countryside.

Enjoy your wonderful time and experiences in Japan.