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Taiwanese fruits, Things to do this weekend in Tokyo

Things to Do This Weekend in Tokyo 3rd-4th July

By Guidable Writers Jul 1, 2021

Looking for something to do this weekend in Tokyo? Check out Guidable’s top pick of events and things to do this weekend.

Note: due to COVID-19, events are limited, and cancellations are frequent. Please check with the official homepage of the event before leaving home. Also, don’t forget to practice social distancing and wash your hands regularly.

Guidable’s Pick of Things to Do This Weekend in Tokyo

Taiwan Festival at Tokyo Tower

22 May ~ 11 July 2021  (cancelled on rainy days)

Try different fresh Taiwanese fruits such as Taiwanese bananas, pineapple, lychee, dragonfruits and apple mango. Enjoy many varieties of delicious Taiwanese food until the fantastic world of brightly coloured lanterns hand-drawn by residents of Taiwan’s Tainan area, wishing for “dreams” and “happiness”!

900 yen (with a tote bag and Taiwanese pineapple)
800 yen (with a tote bag and pineapple drink)

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AKi Exhibition in GINZA

29 June ~ 4 July 2021

Upcoming world-renowned artist AKi’s Ginza exhibition will close this weekend! The postponed and delayed exhibition due to the Coronavirus is finally open, and it’s completely free. AKi’s is known for his expressive use of colour, and he has received awards in Spain and Greece. A new art piece is being unveiled during the exhibition event, so it’s an event all AKi’s lovers can’t miss!

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Mizumaru Anzai Exhibition Poster Exhibition

3 July ~ 18 July 2021

This poster exhibition is being held at the Setagaya Literary Museum, in conjunction with the main exhibition: “The Work of Illustrator Anzai Mizumaru Exhibition”. The poster exhibition displays around 25 posters created from the 1970s to the 2010s. Mizumaru Anzai (1942–2014) was an illustrator who created manga, picture books, novels, essays, book designs, illustrations, and advertising posters. Don’t miss out on the collection of this creative master’s works!

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The Yamatane Museum of Art Collection: Masterpieces of Ukiyoe and Edo Paintings

Hokusai, Things to do this weekend in Tokyo

3 July ~ 29 August 2021

The museum’s Ukiyo-e collection includes many masterpieces by the six major painters, from Suzuki Harunobu to Torii Kiyonaga, Kitagawa Utamaro, Toshusai Sharaku, Katsushika Hokusai, and Utagawa Hiroshige. The museum is regarded highly by experts for the excellent state the paintings have been preserved. The entire collection will be exhibited, including Hokusai’s “Triumphant Wind and Clear Skies, 36 Views of Mt. Fuji”.

Price: 1,300 JPY per person

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71st Maebashi Tanabata Festival in 2021 *At Home!*

1 July ~ 31 July 2021 (the core celebrations will be from 8 July ~ 13 July)

The “Web Tanabata Festival” will start on July 1; the Maebashi area will introduce citizens and children’s thoughts and post archives of past Tanabata Festivals. The Maebashi shopping area will also be decorated with Tanabata decorations. If you post your Tanabata wishes on Twitter and Instagram with the hashtag “#願いで繋がる前橋七夕まつり” for a feature on the website!

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Your Picks of Things to Do This Weekend in Tokyo

If you plan to go to any of these events, we would love to hear your thoughts. What are your favourite things to do at the weekend? Let us know!