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[How to enjoy “Pokemon Go” in Japan]Here are some tips to get the Pokemon.

By Guidable Writers Jul 25, 2016

Here are some tips to get the Pokemon.

“AR mode off” and “Swipe the end of the screen”

The first hurdle seems that getting the wild Pokemon for the beginners in Pokemon Go users. In fact, this game is easy at first but it’s getting hard as the game progresses. There are some tips to make it easier and let us introduce you.

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[Reference: Niantic official site]

First, let us summarize the tips.


The important 5 tips are as follow:

⑴ Pokemon never attacks you and run away until you throw the ball.

⑵ Turning off  “ AR mode” makes it easier to capture the Pokemon in the center of the screen.

⑶ The indication of the target ring doesn’t show the easiness to hit.

⑷ You can change the default setting of the ball by tapping and swiping.

⑸ Swiping along the edge of the screen makes the ball goes to the center automatically.


Then, let us introduce those 5 tips for details individually.

In Pokemon Go, when you encounter Pokemon and it takes a battle mode to you but it just threats you and the HP of the trainer(player) doesn’t decrease. Also, Pokemon doesn’t run away before the trainer throws the ball.


It will wait at least once.

The trouble which beginners easily fall into is not “Letting Pokemon get away” but “Running out of the balls”. So, what you need to be careful is to make a situation where you can swipe with stability.

Monster ball is already easy to curve when trying to throw straight and it’s strictly forbidden to have an idea to throw straight in one hand. It is important to have your phone straight in a relaxed way and keep the position not to lose the balance when swiping.


Let’s turn off “AR mode” and make it easier.

The brilliant screen of getting Pokemon in this game is, when all is said, “AR mode” which Pokemon appears in the landscape around you.

This is the star feature of Pokemon Go and it is very fun.

But in the aspect of difficulty in captive, it is not very recommendable to set “AR mode” on. Because turning off “AR mode”, you don’t need to find Pokemon outside the screen and it makes Pokemon be the center of the screen. You can almost lock the position of Pokemon.

Then it will become easier to target.


Target ring is not representing the easiness to hit the ball.


スクリーンショット 2016-07-25 17.46.29[Reference: Niantic official site]


5 is a target ring. In the capture screen, colored ring around the Pokemon at every certain time; “Target ring”. According to the official site of Niantic(developer), 3 colors are introduced as follow: “Green ring = More easier to catch”, “Orange ring = Easy to catch”, “ Red ring = difficult to catch”. This shows the probability to run away after hitting the ball. The Pokemon with the red ring needs to be hit several times or balls which have higher power to capture.

Those Pokemon’s generally have higher CP(Combat point). The element of easiness to hit the ball is determined by the size of Pokemon, a distance from the trainer and the size of actual hit area. (If a ball hit the wing of one of the flying Pokemon’s, it sometimes slipping, etc)

To sum it up, it is directly linked to the types of Pekemon. When you develop your skill, you will find where the target is by the types of Pokemon.


スクリーンショット 2016-07-25 17.41.06[Reference:  Niantic official site] 

It is not easiness to hit the ball when talking about easiness to catch.
Also there are some types which get away from the trainer and some get away from the monster ball. Especially in the case of a small flying Pokemon going away from you, the target will become so small and so difficult to catch.

It is sometimes effective to tap the “Escape” bottom in the top left and you need to give up immediately.

Let’s adjust the default place of the ball by tapping and dragging.

You will find it convenience to change where you start to throw the ball as you experiencing throwing the balls to wild Pokemon’s to a certain point.

For example, you will find that you can avoid to make the ball curving carelessly when targeting the Pokemon in the distance, with throwing the ball from the center of the screen which can shorten the distance of swiping.

Basically, the shorter distance of swiping, the less blur of the ball with the target.

Let’s acquire to the trick to swipe the ball along the edge of the screen.

Trainers want to decrease the balls in vain. Then it is useful to throw the ball swiping along the edge of the screen. For example, the right screen shows the actual action as swiping the edge of the screen, the ball is flying above the Pokemon on the left.

The tip is to pay attention to swipe along the edge of the smart phone. The advantage of this throwing, it increases the hit probability than throwing the ball straight from the center when you improve your skill. If you learn the speed of recognition and position, it will make it easier to image the orbit than swiping the center straight.

Please use these techniques and get close to Pokemon Master.