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Oakland in Japan (Coloso Coffee Shop)

By Patrick Mar 31, 2018

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“No Coffee, No life, Enjoy!” reads the inscription at the counter in Coloso Coffee Harajuku. Coloso Coffee is a popular coffee in Oakland that was newly opened in Japan from October the 21st, 2016. In this article I would like to take you on a tour of this coffee shop where you can find almost everything you may want. Coloso Coffee decided to adopt this recent marketing strategy where you find a great variety of products. Coloso Coffee is on the Brand List of Beyond Cool. This is a company that imports foreign brands, watches, clothes etc. As a fan of coffee I bet you will never regret giving this place a try.

The Coffee Shop

Coffee is practically the main business in this establishment. You can find all kinds of different coffee types. The diversity of coffee by nationality in this coffee shop is very exclusive. There is coffee from Columbia, Ethiopia ,Guatemala, Kenya, Peru, and so on. If you are a fan of coffee I strongly recommend you try all these varieties in order to enjoy a taste of diversity. There are also many snacks to try while drinking coffee at Coloso. While you may start your day at any coffee shop and feel like coffee made your day, at Coloso it is more than just your day, Coloso coffee will make your life. This is due to the diverse procedures involving the preparation of any cup of coffee at Coloso. For example, the milk to add to the coffee is less heated so that it retains its flavor and all its nutrients, which makes it more healthy. The coffee beans are all from Portland. Coloso coffee shop has La Marzocco’s fully customized espresso machine. Only two of its kind can be found in the whole world.

There are several exceptional procedures behind preparing coffee using a coffee app at Coloso. In fact, Mr Nishikawa (owner of Coloso in Harajuku) had to undergo a month of training at Oakland before coming back to open this coffee shop in Tokyo. What makes Coloso different from other companies is that Coloso focuses on the coffee taste.

Clothes and Shoes

What are clothes and shoes doing in a coffee shop? This was the first question that came to my mind when I first entered this establishment. This is another exceptional feature of Coloso coffee shop. Coloso as a brand under Beyond Cool has the opportunity to feature other brands of Beyond Cool brand list. The simple logic is that you may not always have time to go shopping for clothes.

In some cases, even if you have time to go shopping, you may not find what you like. Sometimes we unexpectedly find nice clothes and other things. While drinking coffee at Coloso you could occasionally set your eyes on some clothes that you really like or that you have been looking for. I believe that this will be time-saving and convenient for those who are busy.

Other Accessories

Besides clothes and shoes, you could find some glasses and watches. I guess you may be wondering if we are still at the coffee shop.  The answer is: of course. Coloso Coffee has lots of surprises for you. It offers more than Just a coffee experience.

You can enjoy the delicious coffee while looking at the great variety of goods, which may be of great importance to you, either instantly or in the near future.

Coloso’s coffee is delicious. According to the coffee shop owner, the customers (both foreigners and Japanese) most favorite ordered coffee is Latte.

Currently there are plans to open more branches in places like Fukouka, Nagoya, Osaka, Yokohama, and Yoyogi.


I hope that you give it a try next time you come to Harajuku in Tokyo.

Enjoy and have a wonderful time.