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How to Survive the Japanese Pre-wedding Meeting

By Guidable Writers Mar 17, 2017

Has it been a while since you met your Japanese girlfriend or boyfriend? Maybe you two want to take another step for a marriage by now, but you might wonder “What should I do? I have no idea about Japanese manners in marriage!” Now let’s take a look at 5 things you should be careful about when meeting with the parents


1) Be punctual, 5 minutes in advance would be perfect

Japanese people are punctual and don’t like waiting so much. When meeting the parents, you should be at the meeting place at least 5 minutes in advance.

However, if it takes place at their house, you should not arrive early or they would feel hectic! In that case, being on time works out just fine.

2) Don’t show up with empty-handed!

We usually carry a gift when visiting others’ house. If it was at some restaurant and not in their house, a gift is still expected at the pre-wedding meeting. The average amount of gift is 3000yen, and sweets are the most popular. However, something nice from your country would be the best gift for the parents because it is unique and special.

3) Dress well, not in torn jeans!

At the pre-wedding meeting with the parents, men dress in a suit, and women dress in a decent and tidy one-piece dress or a skirt. The first impression is quite important. Not only clothes but also your own appearance too. Stubbly face, long flashy or dirty nails, and untidy hair are all out of question. Don’t forget to check your socks also, or they couldn’t take their eyes off from your socks with a hole!

4) Be polite

Take off your shoes and line them up at the entrance hall of the house, as you might already know. You should also avoid topics such as politics, religions, sexual conversation, or too much bragging. Sit straighten up, and ladies should be careful not to open your legs but to close them.

5) Write a thank-you note soon

After finishing the meeting, you would feel so relieved you might forget everything but just relax. But wait! You have one more important thing to finish Write a thank you note to the parents, expressing your gratitude for them. They shared their precious time just for you.

Here were some points to take care when meeting with the Japanese parents. These might have threatened you off, but the most important thing is to be yourself and show your true faith! We are all humans in the end.

Good luck to you on your important day, and I wish you a Happy Wedding to come!