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Limited Christmas Treats from The Convenience Store

By Guidable Writers Dec 6, 2017

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Limited sweets/snacks are always introduced in convenience stores for special festivals or the start of new season. Each convenience store brand has their original products,  Christmas is also one of the events at which convenience store trying to make a difference from the other stores. I would like to introduce some specialties from the famous convenience stores in Japan.

Seven Eleven

There are many Japanese as well as foreigners in Japan who like Seven Eleven sweets. Their original sweets are made with high-quality ingredients and they really taste like what you could get from delicate patisseries.

Christmas Wish Cake/ 3800 Yen

(image: Seven Eleven HP

This is a whole size cake with a lot of whipped cream and big strawberries. You can enjoy strawberries inside of cakes.

It also uses custard creams inside of a cake. This custard cream makes the cake special, because it uses a special type of egg which fits perfectly for baking.

You need to book in advance to get this cake.

Christmas Kamakura (クリスマス かまくら)/ 2500 Yen

(image: Seven Eleven HP

This cute shape of Christmas cake is also one of the cakes offered by 7-11. It has Bavarian creams made from custard. This custard also is made by the special eggs that make a cake more fluffy and delicious.

The top of a cake is filled with strawberry cream too. This adorable shape is also one of the reasons why people want to get it.

Don’t forget to make a reservation in advance to get this cake.

Hors D’Oeuvre/ 1470 Yen

(image: Seven Eleven HP

If you want to have a big party on Christmas day, why don’t you take this meal set? You can prepare some meals on just one plate, so you could save your time.

Menu in this hors d’oeuvre is raw hams with vegetable sticks, smoked salmons with marinated onions, grilled chickens, roasted porks with potato salad, macaroni salad with tomato, and prawns tasted mayonnaise.


Lawson has a famous and popular brand of their original sweets named Uchi Café. It also has enthusiasm on its original menu for Christmas.

Christmas Cakes

(image: Lawson HP:

Of course, Lawson has prepared a typical type of Christmas cakes, however what surprising about the cakes from Lawson is its high quality of original cakes. Those cakes you can see from a photo are also from Lawson’s sweets brand, Uchi Café. I would like to introduce cakes from the left to right in the photo.

The first cake on the left is a Christmas chocolate cake. It uses a mousse which is made of chocolates from France. Inside of a cake, there is a praline mousse, and almond Gianduja with a cocoa-based sponge. You can enjoy the crunchy taste of almond, and the delicious flavor of nuts.

The cake which has cute red color as its surface is also a chocolate cake, but it uses raspberries inside and outside of the cake. You can enjoy the sweet and sour flavor of this cake with these raspberries.

The cake with a lot of chestnuts on a top is a cake with a mousse and cream made of chestnuts inside of a cake. It has almond sliced on a surface of a cake. You can enjoy a flavor of nuts.

The cake with lots of fruits on the top is tart. The tart used as its base of cake is crunchy. You will enjoy the different of crunchy taste of tart and fluffy sponge. It is also enjoyable to taste many fruits like strawberry, grapefruit, kiwi fruit, orange and so on at the one time.


Family Mart

Family mart is famous for its delicious fried chickens. You can of course enjoy a special taste of chickens for your special day!

3-1 Koi suru Fure Fure Chicken/180yen

(image :  Family Mart HP

This special deep fried chicken uses a spice of cinnamon and pepper. You put a seasoning inside of a paper bag with chicken, shake it 6 times to put the seasoning spread on it.

The name of this chicken is Koi suru, means ‘fall in love’ in Japanese. Cinnamon is called a spice which is for swear of love. Additionally, number 6 is called a number of making your luck rise. So why don’t you enjoy this chicken with someone you like?

3-2 Famima party set

(image :  Family Mart HP

This is a party box which is perfect for people who want to enjoy deep fried chicken with fellows. There are some different type of chickens inside of the box, which are Premium chicken, Roasted Chicken, and hashed browns. The cup for a chicken is also a Christmas decorated which makes you enjoy Christmas day more.


So, these are the recommendations for Christmas food from convenience stores. There are more special foods in each store, so why don’t you try them all for this Christmas?