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Prevention of Heat Stroke

By Guidable Writers Jun 30, 2016

Do You Know Heat Stroke?

Summer is in the air. In Japan, weather becomes humid from June to the middle of September. People is bothered by the humid heat because the climate gets more and more humid every year. Especially you need to pay attention to water intakes from morning until night to avoid heat stroke. Heat stroke is mainly caused by rise in temperature, decline of blood flow, etc. which comes from dehydration. It also increases high risk of heart attack. Take measures against heat stroke and survive the summer.


(Photo by Yuko)


Frequent Intake of Water, Mineral and Salt

To prevent heat stroke, the essential points are frequent intake of water, mineral and salt. You might think just water is fine, however, mineral and salt are lost with water when you sweat. It is said that sports drink is the best way of rehydration because it contains effective substance for keep your condition. If you want non-sweet beverage rather than sports drink, mugicha (barley tea) is also good for rehydration because you can ensure water and mineral from the tea. Bottled mugicha is available at supermarkets, convenience, stores vending machines etc. and slightly cheaper than other tea beverage. Therefore, mugicha is caffeine free even though it is kind of tea. Most of people tend to drink mugicha only in summer, however, it may be must-have the whole year.


(Reference: Itoen)


Turn AC Off, Share the Coolness

“Cool Share” project has been promoted since 2012 because of Great East Japan Earthquake to save more energy. AC is known for consuming more energy in summer. To make a long story short, you should stop using AC too much and gather public facilities like library, museum etc. because there must be air-conditioned. The project is held from July 1 to September 30 every year. You may also spend time at cool place like waterside or the same room in your place with your family to reduce the number of using AC. In the south part of Kanto region, the facilities which participates the project put this sticker below. Share the coolness with your family and friends, then try to reduce more energy.


(Reference: Tokyo Metropolitan Government)

Oral Rehydration Solution Therapy

You may keep oral rehydration solution at home. It is effective for dehydration because of sweating too much, doing something under the blazing sun for long time, or vomiting and diarrhea which comes from being sick for all ages. You may drink this when you are well, however, it contains more salt than sports drink. The rehydration solution has both bottled one and jelly. More detail;


(Reference: Otsuka Pharmaceutical)