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Raise your trainer level easily by “Pidgey Marathon”

By Guidable Writers Aug 18, 2016

[How to enjoy “Pokemon Go” in Japan] Raise your trainer level easily by “Pidgey Marathon”

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“Pidgey Marathon” is an effective way to level up by evolving Pidgey which you can get easily. By using this method, you can earn XP faster.

Why is “Pidgey Marathon” effective?

・You can gain 5300XP for 13 Pidgeys in combination with Lucky egg. 

・You can gain 500XP per evolution.

・Only 12 candies are needed to evolve.

・Pidgey is easily found.



(1)Catch 13 Pidgeys

You can get Pidgey easily. Capture 13 Pidgeys per unit. Transfer 9 Pidgeys to Professor Willow to get Pidgey Candies and stock the rest of Piggeys to be evolved.

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(2)Evolve Pidgey by using Lucky egg

You can evolve Pidgey by using Lucky egg to gain double XP for 30 minutes. You have to evolve Pidgey within 30 minutes, so it would be better to do that after you have caught as many Pidgey as you can.


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(3)Repeat this process

Repeat this process! Pidgey can be caught easily. You can capture it during such time as you are looking for PokeStops. Caterpie and Weedle also need 12 Candies to evolve. Try to envolve these Pokemons while you are using Lucky egg.

This is a tip to earn XP effectively by using Pidgey which is easily available. Once you raise trainer level, you will be able to get more items at PokeStops and also increase Pokemon’s CP, so it makes the game more enjoyable. Try to find and catch Pidgey, Caterpie, and Weedle to raise your trainer level effectively.