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Halal Type of Ramen for Muslim Students to Enjoy

Halal Type of Ramen for Muslim Students to Enjoy

By Guidable Writers Apr 11, 2016

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Halal Type of Ramen for Muslim Students to Enjoy


When we hear of Japan, it will be automatic for us to choose Ramen as our favorite. However, for me as a Muslim, there are several things to consider when you want to eat ramen in Japan because of the ingredients they used. For us Muslims living in Tokyo, we no longer have to worry anymore because there are some restaurant that serves halal food especially Ramen. Therefore, I will introduce two restaurants that already have halal food certification :


  1. Halal Ramen Ouka

This restaurant was founded by a Muslim couple from Japan. It began on September last year. The location is very easy to reach because it is close to Shinjuku Koen. They have many variants of ramen menu, but if you really like spicy food, it  is highly advised to try their spicy ramen. The price is affordable for a large enough portion, the spicy ramen is 1100 yen. One package menu consists of a bowl of ramen, rice place holding tofu and grilled chicken.



(image by Annisa Dwi Kanya)


  1. Katata Motoazabu

Katata motoazabu is Chinese restaurant located in Roppongi.

They present a wide variety of menus ranging from gyoza, ramen, fried rice and much more. There are also unique menu that they served here like mabotofu ramen and tomyum ramen. The price is affordable which starts from around 500 yen. So, for Muslim students living in Tokyo and want to try traditional food from Japan, just try to visit these two places, especially during the winter and spring.


Annisa Dwi Kanya