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Midnight Message? Is That Japanese Guy Crushed on You?

By Guidable Writers Oct 24, 2017

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In Japan, there is an app called LINE, which has been used widely for messaging for free. It’s pretty much similar to ‘Whatsapp’, Japanese, especially the young generation, use LINE to connect with their friends, which means you’d better have it on your phone while staying in Japan. As people start a conversation with someone they met on LINE without knowing him in person, sometimes, you may find a boy who’s charming and interesting and he might send you a message at midnight just saying “hi” or sending one sticker… Then, you might recall the fact that Japanese people are shy, therefore, there might be some important meaning implied in that message!

1. That Japanese guy might like you

As many of you know, there are a lot of Japanese who do a nighttime shift, sometimes, they might have to stay late at the workplace and get up early in the next morning to go back to their work again. If he does not like you, you do not get any messages from him in the middle the night, he must send you any messages on purpose.

There is one statistic from ‘mynavi woman’ (https://woman.mynavi.jp/article/160622-176/ ) saying “63.7 % of men feel glad to get messages from someone who they like at midnight.” So, it could also be interpreted as they are interested in you if you get any messages from them in the midnight hours. The statistics also say that some of the men from 63.7 %, answered that he feels glad that someone thinks about him even at midnight. Most of the time, they might not be aware of they get any notifications from their smartphone, so you do not have to be worried if LINE would interrupt their sleep. So if you feel to talk to someone who you like, you can drop a message to that person at midnight. And if you get any messages from someone who you like, it might be a sign of he has a feeling for you.

2. Message from him while he’s at drinking party?

You might have got messages or received a call from that guy when he was drinking at a party? When that happens, you might have thought that you have chatted like normal friends, but did he feel the same? Even there was nothing special written in the message, the reason why that person sent you the message must be he is interested in you. In Japan, at a drinking party held by only men, sometimes, guys encourage their friends to send a message to the girl who he likes, so if you are wondering why the person send a message to you, that message might imply he’s into you.

3. Real meaning of the message

So it cannot be said always right that a man is interested in you, even if you get a message from that person late at night. Sometimes, there are guys who feel just lonely to stay by themselves and send messages to everybody they can. So you have to think about if there were any existing signs showing his interests in you.

You also should make sure that if a man has a feeling for you when trying to send any messages to him at midnight. As mentioned above, if he likes you, it does not bother him getting any messages from someone who he likes late at night. However, if he’s not into you at all, he might get annoyed to receive messages and delete you in the worst case. But a man might not tell you anything about how he felt when he received a message from you, and just leave you because he tries to save his time for himself or his job.

If you find anyone who sends you any messages at midnight, you have to think about the real meaning of them. Sometimes, messages say nothing important, the guy sending them tries to pretend like normal, but messages might imply that he’s just crushed on you, so if you get any messages from a Japanese guy, thin about what he is trying to say in that message. Don’t forget about that Japanese people are shy and they might not expose their real feeling to you!


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