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Why don’t you make OBENTO by yourself?

By Guidable Writers Mar 24, 2017

Have you made a packed lunch called “OBENTO” in your life?

There is such a Japanese style to make it for lunch. Perhaps

You might know about this custom in Japan. Now, why don’t you make such a delicious packed lunch for your important people or yourself alone?

What is an OBENTO?

Japanese people have an original custom which they make OBENTO make their relations eat or eat it themselves during their lunch time. But making some kinds of side dishes would have a little bit hard time for them. Therefore eating the delicious OBENTO must make them happy.

Check out these kinds of delicious OBENTO below!

This is OBENTO with full of healthy vegetables.

Some kinds of vegetables lightly seasoned, for example, tasted beans, green leaves, and staple grains rice.

How to make tasted beans

1, Please use canned beans or packed beans sold at supermarkets. At first, put them into a pot with soy source and a little sugar. If you taste it salty, you need to add to a little water as you like. After that, please put a little bit of Japanese powder soup stock called dashi.

2, Yakiniku OBENTO or OBENTO with roast meat.

Don’t forget to decorate green leaves by the meat for your health!

Putting boiled vegetable, for example, beans, broccoli and so on looks more delicious, I think.

Can you cook Japanese side dishes?

There are some kinds of Japanese side dishes to put into OBENTO.

How to cook these dishes.

Japanese omelet

1, Put yolk and white of an egg into a bowl and mix them to get smooth.

2, Put a spoon of sugar and a little salt in it and mix them again.

3 Pour it into a cooking pan and bake like an omelet above.

Asparagus rolled with a seasoned pork

1, Boil an asparagus, at first.

2, Roll a raw pork to the asparagus.

3, Bake it not to take apart each other.

4, season it with a little salt and black pepper.

Useful Item for decorating OBENTO!

Please use to subdivide side dishes into a lunch box. At first, put the side dishes into these cups.

Please use the cups like this.

You can decorate food into your OBENTO using these! What a pretty OBENTO!

Making OBENTO is not only eating for lunch but also enjoying seeing its sight for Japanese people! Now, why don’t you try to make OBENTO too??