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3 Reasons of You Should Have Mugi Tea

By Guidable Writers Apr 12, 2017

Did You Try Mugi Tea?

Have you tried mugi tea? It tends to think it is summer tradition, but you may drink it all year round. It has a long history in Japan since the Sengoku period before green tea becomes widespread. Because mugi tea is quite different from any other tea, you should put it more in your live. Here are 3 reasons why you should drink mugi tea.

Reason ① No Sugar and No Caffeine

In Japan, tea is basically unsweetened and it must have no sugar. That is why tea is a good way to hydrating for people especially who go on a diet. Therefore, mugi tea is made from barley which has no caffeine, and mugi tea has also no caffeine. Sometimes tea, coffee, etc. tends not to be favored by people who go to the bathroom all the time because of caffeine which is contained, but you don’t have to be afraid of it when you drink mugi tea. Though there is decaf coffee or tea, it is worthy of choosing mugi tea.

Reason ② Cheaper Than Any Other Tea

Did you find that bottled mugi tea is sold at a lower price at the supermarket, CVS, etc.? The reason is simple; barley is cheap and can produce on a large scale. Moreover, it is abstracted a lot with the small amount of barley. At CVS, bottle mugi tea is slightly cheaper than any other bottle tea which is sold by the same manufacturer. Or some manufacturers sell the bigger bottle for CVS at the same price. It used to be available only in summer, but you can get it all year round these days.

Reason ③ Great for Heatstroke Countermeasure

A good way to hydrating means it is also great for heatstroke countermeasure. Because barley contains minerals, mugi tea supplies it which has been lost with sweat. Not only bottled, you can make mugi tea at home if you get tea bag of it. You may drink it at home and bring your own bottle which contains mugi tea to your office or school to hydrate. In winter, you may drink hot mugi tea, or you can also drink it at normal temperature throughout the year. However, homemade mugi tea is perishable and you should finish drinking as soon as possible; on that day or by the next day.