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Experience a delightful Halloween in USJ in Japan!

By Guidable Writers Oct 21, 2017

In the Halloween season, you will enjoy Universal Studio Japan (USJ) more than you can do on a normal weekday. It has a special event which you can only enjoy during Halloween. Besides the Halloween Horror Night as the main Halloween event in USJ, there is more fun stuff to be discovered before getting dark in USJ in Halloween!


1. disguising in a fancy Halloween costume


In the season of Halloween, you can enjoy wearing a costume inside of USJ. The park offers coin lockers and dressing room, so you do not have to be worried about changing your clothes at home and stared by people on the way to the park. At the same time, you can also enjoy looking at other people’s unique costumes. There is an area inside the park, where people wearing a costume get together when parades are held, so it might be exciting to meet new people who share the same interest with you.


2. Special Parade


During Halloween time of USJ, you can enjoy a parade which is season-limited. The parade imitates the scenery of celebrating Halloween all over the world so you can see various celebrating styles through this parade. The floats appearing in the parade are very colorful and use unique elements, for example, the skull from the festival, Day of the Dead, from Mexico.


The live music through the parade will make you want to sing and dance along with; the floats moving in the parade scatter bubbles and confetti, which makes the atmosphere even better. You will get excited more if you dress up in costume and getting together with other people.


3. Special Halloween goods


During Halloween time, USJ launches some limited goods. If you disguise in a fancy costume inside of the park during Halloween, it will make your experience more special. However, it is also understandable to be lazy to prepare a costume or feel embarrassed to wear a costume. If you feel the same, you can get some special Halloween goods inside the park.

You can get T-shirts which has printed MINION characters on it. MINION characters also in the version of Halloween season, using Halloween theme color — black and orange. The printed MINIONs themselves wear the costumes like ghosts, prisoners, or batmen. So even if you do not want to wear a costume, MINIONs do for you!

T-shirts are not only good you can get from just in Halloween. You can wear a bangle or a choker which is shaped like a dropping blood. There are also some Halloween goods you can bring back home like towels, snacks, and keychains.

4. Special Halloween menu and snacks



Special food is one of the elements which Halloween has entertained people all over the world, USJ is not exceptional either. In the time of Halloween, you can enjoy special food prepared in the park.


There are some restaurants inside of the park so that you can enjoy the style you like. Each restaurant offers different menu, all those menus for the Halloween use the vegetable which is harvest in autumn to make you sense the season more. For example, one of the restaurant offers a special burger using a pumpkin cheese sauce.

After having the main course, you can also enjoy special Halloween deserts like pumpkin Mont Blanc cake, which is shaped Jack-o’-lantern, or you can try a MINION shaped rolled cake with a devil wing.

Inside of the park, you can see many food tracks. They also offer some special food like desert churros with chestnuts cream or pumpkin creams. If you are a fan of Hello Kitty, you might get shocked at the special edition of food. Hello kitty in USJ collaborated with Chucky from the movie Cult of Chucky that all desserts and drinks are decorated with Hello Kitty Chucky.


 5. For kids to enjoy the Halloween event in USJ


If you want to enjoy Halloween event with your children who are in the elementary school, you might not want to join some terrifying event offered at the night time. There are some events which you can enjoy with your kids in USJ, don’t worry!


Trick or treat is one of the elements you might look forward to in Halloween, there is a show called Happy Trick or Treat which you can take part in one time in a day. In a certain time of a day and at a specific area, there will be some showers with lots of snacks and decorations like balloons and confetti. Participants say “Trick or treat” loud out and grab snacks as much as you can. The area will be full of the snacks and delightful shouting by children.


Let’s enjoy the USJ offering Halloween event through the day!