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Must Watch Fireworks that You can Still Watch in Autumn

By Guidable Writers Sep 15, 2017

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Must Watch Fireworks that You can still Watch in Autumn

Must Watch Fireworks that You can still Watch in Autumn

You think that the fireworks in Japan can be seen only in summer? If so, you might miss the opportunities to watch the beautiful fireworks which can be still observed this month! Here this article will recommend 5 fireworks that take place in autumn. Of course, as the summer has ended, it’s become a bit be difficult for you to find a place to see fireworks in coming months. But here we will show you the 5 places for example―Narita, Enoshima, Yokota Kichi (American army base), Chofu and Konosu. For the details, you can visit this website as well: (Note: Japanese ONLY!)


  1. Narita Firework

Must Watch Fireworks that You can still Watch in Autumn

NARITA Fireworks in Imbanuma is the only firework event in the world which has been rewarded with Good Design Award. This year, they are celebrating the 12th anniversary. This audience participation type program can be enjoyed by from small children to elder people. The event is divided into 4 parts which include the high leveled tower type firework performance by worldwide firework artists. We bet you can enjoy the performance which cannot be experienced in any other fireworks events in Japan. At the climax of the whole performance,  you can watch ”Golden Legend”, 1,500 fireworks intermittently in the last 1 minute.

This event will be held on 14/Oct (Sat) 19:00~20:20, at New Town Sports Square, whose nearest station is Shimousa Matsuzaki. Please note that the event could be canceled if the weather would become rough. You can also enjoy about 100 stalls to satisfy your appetite. Charged seats are also available for more comfortable appreciation: the price range is as below: SS site 25,000 yen, S site 18,000 yen, A site 12,000 yen,  B site  8,000yen, C site 5,000 yen, and A site with chair  3,000 yen/per person.


  1. Enoshima Firework

Must Watch Fireworks that You can still Watch in Autumn

In Fujisawa Enoshima Fireworks, approximately 3,000 fireworks will be set off to the sky, with the background of Enoshima, the symbol of Shonan. Mid summer Shonan is certainly popular, but the fireworks in the fall sky of Shonan is also wonderful. The hugest firework in Shonan area, whose diameter is about 480m will be also let off to the air.

The event will be held on 21/Oct (Sat) 18:00~18:45, at Katase Kaigan Nishihama(west shore of Katase beach), whose nearest station is Katase Enoshima. You can enjoy sightseeing in Enoshima/Kamakura during the daytime, then let’s head to the shore before sunset, to see the various colors of fireworks. Of course, you can enjoy stalls there as well for supper. Approximately 60,000 people visit the event in average, for your information.


  1. Yokota Kichi (American army base) Firework

Must Watch Fireworks that You can still Watch in Autumn

This firework is one of the events during Yokota Air Base Japanese American Friendship Festival on 16/Sep (Sat) and 17/Sep (Sun). You can watch firework there at 20:20 on the second day. You can also enjoy other features as well from 9:00-21:00 on both days, like U.S. & Japanese aircraft displays or stage performance. To get there, you can use JR Ome Line/ Seibu Haijima Line, then 20 minutes-walk from Haijima station.

Or, you can also walk for 10 minutes from JR Ome Line’s Ushihayama station.

If you’re interested in this event, please take the following into consideration:

Photo identification with your nationality is required for visitors over 16 years old. U under 17 must be escorted by a responsible adult who is 18 years of age or older and not in high school. Any items being carried on base will be checked at the gate. If you are not a Japanese citizen, please do not forget to bring a passport or Resident card.


  1. Chofu Firework

This event is the originator of film music collaborated fireworks (actually Chofu is known for the film city).”Hanabillusion (Hanabi = fireworks + illusion)”, the performance in which music and fireworks are finely synchronized is must watch. The Outstanding excitement enchants 350,000 visitors in average.

Approximately 8,000 fireworks can be observed in the fall sky on 28/Oct (Sat) at Tamagawa river kasenjiki (Riverbed), whose nearest stations are Fuda, Chofu and Keio Tamagawa. You can also enjoy stalls to satisfy your appetite. A charged seat is available, whose price range is from 2,000 to 45,000 yen up to your budget. The seat ticket is available at Lawson ticket, Ticket Pia, and E plus. In case of Lawson ticket, the issuance charge is free.


  1. Konosu Firework

Must Watch Fireworks that You can still Watch in Autumn

Let it be set off! Town Chamber of Commerce and Industry Youth Division!! 16th Konosu Fireworks is so popular that attracts almost 0.6 million visitors. Besides the huge number of the fireworks which are set off, the size of each firework is also large―including the largest firework in the world guaranteed by Guinness world record.

Total more than 15,000 fireworks will be set off to the sky on 7/Oct (Sat), starting from 18:00 at Kasuda Sports park, in Konosu city, Saitama Prefecture. In case of rough weather, it’ll be postponed to the following day. If you would not like to watch standing, it’s recommended to reserve the charged seats, for example, Blue seat for 4 people/15,000 yen, Pair seats with 2 chairs/9,000 yen, a single seat with one chair/5,000 yen.


Though the summer season in Japan is fading out day by day with recent cold weather, the last opportunities to enjoy fireworks are still left. Let’s take out your schedule book from your bag, check out the schedule and hang out for enjoyable fireworks events!


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