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Things to Do This Weekend in Tokyo & Online 28th-29th August

By Guidable Writers Aug 26, 2021

Looking for something to do this weekend in Tokyo? Check out Guidable’s top pick of events and things to do this weekend.

Note: due to COVID-19, events are limited, and cancellations are frequent. Please check with the official homepage of the event before leaving home. Also, don’t forget to practice social distancing and wash your hands regularly.

Guidable’s Pick of Things to Do This Weekend in Tokyo

Here are some of our top picks for things to do this weekend in and around Tokyo, and online.

Mazekoze Island Tour *Online*

Date: Online streaming available until 31st August
Who it’s for: everyone

The Mazekoze Island Tour is the main event of the Tokyo 2020 Nippon World Festival ONE, a festival part of the Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games official programme. The festival showcases performances and art from artists with diverse abilities, nationalities, ages, those who identify as LGBTQ+ and people with physical disabilities. The event is a virtual tour of an island, conducted by Japanese drag queen Durian Lollobrigida, posing as a flight attendant and tour guide.

Watch the online virtual tour up until 31st August

things to do this weekend ore no bakery

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Ore no Bakery Shibuya Temporary Store

Date: 16 July ~ 29 August 2021 *Last weekend*
Who it’s for: food lovers

It’s your last weekend to grab these delicious bread deals. For a limited time only, popular franchise “Ore no” have opened an Ore no Bakery store in SHIBUYA109. Try “Ore no Zaiaku Pan” (俺の罪悪パン), a reproduction of the garlicy manul bread popular at Korean food stalls, and the new, “Jet Black Zaiaku Pan” (漆黒の罪悪パン).  The Shingu pan sold over 10,000 buns in two weeks at Ore no Bakery stores around Tokyo was discontinued, only to resurface at SHIBUYA109 while stocks last.

Price: 420 JPY for one Ore no Zaipaku Pan bun and 480 JPY for a Jet Black Zaiaku Pan
Location: SHIBUYA 109, Shibuya

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Midsummer Fruits Seasonal Italian Semi-Buffet “Vivace”

Date: 1 June ~ 14 September 2021
Who it’s for: foodies

“Vivace” is an Italian word meaning “vivacious, lively” and is also used in music. Enjoy an elegant lunch buffet in Shinagawa. Choose from main dishes, antipasti, and desserts made with a variety of summer fruits, served buffet style! Dine in style in the 27-meter-high atrium above Shinagawa. All buffet items are served in individual portions, so you don’t have to worry about overeating!

Price: 6,380 JPY (adults)
Location: Springs Hotel Tokyo Intercontinental, Shinagawa

things to do this weekend hotel pools

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Take a Dip in a Hotel Pool

Date: 10 July ~ 23 September 2021 (for East 21 Tokyo. Dates differ for each hotel)
Who it’s for: couples, families, groups of friends

A beachside summer vacation might have been out of reach this summer but if you’re still craving a holiday vibe, why not visit a hotel pool? We have a whole article with pool recommendations in the Tokyo area so take a look and find which pool calls to you. A popular pool is the Hotel East 21 Tokyo pool, a luxurious European style pool. Sit under the sun umbrellas on your sunlounger and transport yourself to a European resort.

Price: 5,500 ~ 8,800 JPY (Tokyo East 21)
Location: Toyocho, Koto-ku
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Real Escape Game x Detective Conan “Escape from Scarlet Investigative Network”

12 August ~ 31 October 2021 
Who it’s for: detective types and Conan fans
“Escape from the Scarlet Investigation Network,” is the latest collaboration even between Detective Conan and Real Escape Game. In the game  Shuichi Akai, key character in the movie “Detective Conan: Scarlet Bullet,” becomes a suspect in a series of bombings. A must-visit for Conan fans as the shocking original story that can only be discovered here! Join the event and work as FBI agents to solve the mystery.
Price: 3,300 ~ 3,800 JPY
Location: Tokyo Mystery Circus Himitsukichi Labo Main Hall, Shinjuku

Your Pick of Things to Do This Weekend in Tokyo

If you plan to go to any of these events, we would love to hear your thoughts. What are your favourite things to do at the weekend? Let us know!