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Route Finder – guide of the train way –

By Guidable Writers Dec 14, 2015

One of the Japanese attraction is train lines like a spider net. You can go quite everywhere in Tokyo by train. Most of the interesting places are located within 15 mins walking.


However train line is intertwined like a vine. Finding the train way (Eg. Narita airport to Shibuya) has become one most big problem in Japan.


Besides, there aren’t many places you can use free wi-fi spot. Indeed, there are tiny amount of place you can find free connection to the internet, these are Cafes ( Eg. Starbucks) so that you have to spend your budget.


There is some solution to find the way for free at the train station.


Route Finder


Route Finder


This blue machine is the Route finder which tells you how to go to the objective station.


There is an application of smart phone which tells you the way named “Yahoo!乗換案内” however it is in Japanese language only.


yahoo 乗換案内



yahoo 乗換案内2



As far as I know Tokyo station, Kuukou-dai-biru (Narita Airport Terminal 2・3) station, Narita Airport station, Ebisu station and Akihabara station.


You can print out the way that you found on the Route Finder as portable reference.


Machine corresponds with 5 languages: Chinese, English, Korean and Japanese.


It will tell you quite many types of ways to get your objective station: cheapest way, quickest way, way which contains the station you want go through for connection etc.


Besides, Route Finder will tell you train ways even if it’s outside of Japan and contains air ways. Since Japanese train line is connected all over Japan, it contains the way to go the tip.


If you are struggled in finding ways, and there are chances, there isn’t no another way to use it!