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How to Get a PCR Test as a Foreign Resident in Japan

By Alex Gray Mar 14, 2022

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PCR tests are uncomfortable, annoying, but sometimes necessary. And it’s not just the hardship of taking the test that puts us off, it’s finding the right one. Searching on Google for a PCR test clinic in Japan brings up an overwhelming wealth of information. 

Getting a PCR Test in Japan

Tests that pop up on your Internet search can range from around 3,000 yen to 50,000 yen. If you are planning to travel overseas you need a negative PCR test result and a certificate. Some clinics include specific certificates, others give vague reassurances that this specific test is accepted for your intended use, in your intended travel location. Navigating these options and finding the one that you need is a daunting task. A task that often requires an extra phone call to the clinic…in Japanese. 

When you find the clinic that provides the test and certificate accepted for your country of travel, you will often find it takes more than 2 days to issues the results, despite the need to have the results within 3 days of departure. As if traveling right now wasn’t stressful enough! 

pcr test, pcr test clinic near me, pcr test for travel, pcr test sample

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What You Need to Take into Account

When searching for the right clinic to take your PCR test, it’s necessary to check both the test type, and the certificate type. Each country has different requirements, meaning that finding the right clinic can be hard. Most clinics that offer PCR tests do not specifiy the test extraction method or certificate type, so it can be hard to determine whether the test will be accepted in your travel destination. 

Communication Mishaps

Many PCR testing clinics that are otherwise convenient only have websites available in Japanese, with confusing requirements or extra options. It is likely that after procuring an appointment and visiting the clinic, the staff only speak Japanese. The language barrier may pose a challenge if you are still studying Japanese. 

The Quick and Easy Test Clinic – T Care Clinic

The T Care Clinics in Tokyo and Osaka make taking a PCR test much easier. Find out why!

Travel Requirement Specialists

Their tests are good for international travel, and you can even check the requirements for each country on their website. Shown next to each country is the test sample method required (saliva or swab) and even information about necessary quarantine in each country. The information is updated regularly, with the date it was updated clearly indicated. 

Just the Certificate You Need

pcr test, pcr test clinic near me, pcr test for travel, pcr negative result

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They provide a negative result certificate included in their General Plan test price, that can be issued in either English or Japanese. They even go further as to provide a special format certificate in accordance to regulations for certain countries including China, Hawai, Vietnam and South Korea. The process is a lot easier knowing you don’t have to call up and check whether they can do certain travel certificates, the information is on their website!

Quick and Accessible!

What’s more, you can receive the negative result certificate quicker than many clinics. Get the certificate after 3:00 pm the next day, or on the same day for an extra 3,300 yen on appointments before 1:30 pm. The clinics are open from 9 am to 9 pm, all days of the week, including weekends and national holidays.

pcr test, pcr test clinic near me, pcr test for travel

Other Tests and Certificates Available

If you don’t need a travel certificate you can opt for a regular PCR test instead. This is perfect if you require an after-quarantine PCR test, which does not require an official certificate. 

As well as negative PCR test results, T Care also issues vaccination certificates. Useful if you’re in need of a vaccination certificate for arrival at your overseas destination but don’t have time to apply for the Vaccination Passport issued by the Japanese Government. Their website has a list of countries where their vaccination certificates are accepted, and more information about the Government issued Vaccination Passport too.

Multiple Language Website 

Because the website is available in multiple languages, it’s simple to book in your own language without confusion. Nine languages are currently available on the website including English, Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), Vietnamese, Korean, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian. There’s even a multilingual call centre too!

A Great Price 

The price for PCR tests can range dramatically. Generally, the cheaper tests that cost around 3,000 yen come without a certificate and are not acceptable for travel. Those that are acceptable for travel generally cost around 25,000~40,000 yen, depending on the clinic. Many clinics offer the PCR Test for 20,000 ~ 28,000 yen and then the certificate costs an extra 6,000~15,000 yen! In comparison the PCR test with a certificate included from T Care Clinic costs a total of 22,000 yen. And you know that it’s accepted in whichever country you wish to visit. 

Something else to note is you don’t have to pay when you book, you can pay in cash when you visit. And if you need to cancel, your appointment is fully refundable! 

So Why Choose T Care Clinic To Issue Your PCR Test For Travel?

To recap, here are some of our favourite reasons to use T Care Clinic for your PCR Test in Japan! 

  • It’s perfect for international travel – accepted by all countries!
  • The PCR negative test certificate is available in English or Japanese
  • Your negative test certificate is available from 3 pm the next day, or you can pay 3,300 extra for same-day issuance 
  • You can receive a PDF test certificate emailed to you, meaning you don’t have to visit twice
  • Their website is available in nine languages, call centre with multiple languages
  • A special format for certain countries including China, Hawai, Vietnam and South Korea available
  • You can book by phone or email
  • The clinics are open from 9 am-9 am, Monday-Sunday
  • You can receive your certificate on weekends and public holidays
  • Payment in cash on arrival accepted
  • Fully refundable cancellation
  • Proof of vaccination also available, for speedy issue too

For more information, visit their website by this link, or through the banner below.

pcr test, pcr test clinic near me, pcr test for travel, banner

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