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Japan Is No Longer Cash-Only: Why You Need a Credit Card in Japan and How to Get One

By Guidable Writers Mar 6, 2020

The bygone cash-only era: simplify your life with a credit card in Japan

Netflix, Spotify, online shopping, automatic payments – these are just a few services that are available only to those who have a credit card. 

Until recently, living in Japan without a credit card was not a big deal. Most payments can be processed at banks and convenience stores, even for shopping online. However, with subscription services increasing steadily, keeping payments analogical has become a struggle to many who have not joined the cashless era. 

In October 2019, consumption tax in Japan was raised from 8% to 10%. At the same time of this increase, the government launched a program to encourage cashless payments, unfamiliar to many here up until now. In this program, by making a cashless payment (e.g. using your credit card) at one of the many stores that have joined the program, you receive 2% to 5% of the purchase amount back in points. 

Thanks to this initiative, cashless payments have become more readily available in Japan.

Trying to get a credit card as a foreigner in Japan

What many people may not realize is that credit cards are basically loans that the bank gives you every month without having to go through an application every time you need a loan. That’s why applying for a credit card takes some time – the credit card company will be analyzing your credit status before feeling safe enough to give you a (almost) free-pass to monthly loans.

Credit cards are issued based on how much credit you have as an individual. That means your yearly income, the type of contract you have with your employer, your residency status, and sometimes your nationality may influence the credit you are given by the market. 

When one has just arrived in a foreign country for a regular job with a visa that has an expiration date, this person’s credit is quite low. That is not only in Japan. Without roots in this foreign land, and with an “expiration date” to leave the country, most credit card companies judge it to be too risky to give credit to foreigners. 

Japanese credit cards are especially attractive with their points programs and special offers to users. Unfortunately, if you have tried to get a credit card here, it is likely that you have been refused. It is frustrating to spend 1 hour or more filing the application form, only to receive a letter a few weeks later telling you your credit was not approved without any further clarification. Japanese credit card companies do not need to disclose why your application was refused. 

However, there is one way that guarantees receiving a credit card in Japan without going through this bad experience. 

J Trust Global Card: A credit card designed for you

J Trust Global Card is a credit card exclusive for foreigners and designed while thinking of those who are not able to get a Japanese credit card. If you are having trouble getting a credit card in Japan, here is why J Trust Global Card is the best choice for you: 

1 – Easy to have credit approved

Since it is necessary to make a deposit to apply for a J Trust Global Card, it is easy to have your credit approved. The deposit is kept safe, it will not be used for payments if you pay the monthly credit card bill, and it will be returned to you in case you cancel the card. 

2 – No need to register a bank account

The only documents necessary when applying for J Trust Global Card are a copy of two of the following documents (with your address written on both): your zairyuu card (residency card), health insurance card, certificate of residence (juminhyo), or My Number card.     

That means you do not need to register a bank account to pay for the credit card bill!

3 – You can control the credit limit of the card

One of the reasons for people deliberately not having credit is the risk of overspending. With J Trust Global Card, you can set the limit of your credit card to be the same as the deposit you make when applying to it. Let’s say you want to use your credit card only for small purchases, such as buying groceries, and you have decided that your grocery budget is 20,000 yen per month. Plus, you want to pay for some subscription services, and perhaps net shopping and making purchases at the shopping mall, which totals to 30,000 yen. In that case, you make a deposit of 50,000, and therefore 50,000 yen will be the maximum amount you can spend in a month. 

With J Trust Global Card, you not only get a convenient way to pay your bills, but also a payment form that helps you to control your monthly budget. 

Apply to J Trust Global Card online from anywhere!

It is easy to apply for the J Trust Global Card. First, visit https://mydeposit.jtrustcard.co.jp/?lpid=5000 and select your language on the top right menu. The website is available in Tagalog, Portuguese, Vietnamese, and 5 other languages, to ensure that you understand the process and offer the safest environment for your application. 

After selecting your language, click on the “Apply” button. You will find it to the left of the “Language” button. From there a new page will open. 

There, accept the terms and conditions, and register your email address. An exclusive application form link will be sent to this email address, so be sure to not make any typos during this step. 

The step-by-step process on how to apply will also be sent to your email address, each step being explained with images of the actual application form. You don’t have to worry about applying to J Trust Global Card without the help of others, even if you are not familiar with this kind of application form.

After sending the application through the link sent to your email address, you only need to wait for the screening process to end. The screening process is still necessary, even without registering a bank account, because it is important to carefully check your documents, so there will be no trouble contacting you when your card is ready.

Oh, did we mention that you can choose the design of your card when applying for it? This a rare opportunity to get a cool or a cute credit card for your wallet!

How am I going to receive the card? How do I pay the deposit money?

After the screening, if your documents are in order, you will receive your brand-new J Trust Global Card at home. It will be sent to you by cash-on-delivery registered post mail. Cash-on-delivery means that you will be paying the deposit when the card is delivered to you, so have your deposit money prepared in cash by the time the card arrives. 

As mentioned above, this deposit money will be returned to you if you cancel your credit card, and if your monthly payment is cleared. You can rest assured that this money is yours, it will not be used for any other purposes.

Wait! Isn’t this card just another prepaid card?

No, J Trust Global Card is not a prepaid card. Prepaid cards need to be charged every time credit has been used, and they are not accepted as credit cards. That means you can not use them for paying for subscription services, or even net shopping. 

With J Trust Global charge there is no need to charge money when you want to use it. As long as the monthly bill is dutifully paid, your limit will be available to you automatically. Also, you only pay for what you use. And, last but not least, since J Trust Global Card is a credit card, you can use it for net shopping and subscription services, such as Netflix, Spotify, and many others!


J Trust Global Card – your best option for everyday shopping

After getting your J Trust Global Card you can now finally enjoy your cashless life in Japan!

No time to do the groceries? No problem, you can now do the groceries online, pay with your J Trust Global Card, and have them delivered to your door. Some of these services are available in English – you should try!

Want to send a friend a small gift, but you are too busy to meet him or her? Now you can buy an online gift card and send it to them with a nice message, showing how much you appreciate them! 

Are you at home bored? Is there a typhoon coming and you can’t go anywhere? Just use your J Trust Global Card to sign up to one of the many subscription streaming services and take the day(s…?) to enjoy your favorite TV series with a marathon. You already have snacks ready, don’t you, now that you can do your groceries online as well!

You can even register your credit card to your smartphone store so you can buy apps, pay for games, and other convenient services that your smartphone may offer. 

Paying your monthly bill is easy

By the time you receive your credit card, you will be informed when your deadline for paying the monthly bill is. You will receive an invoice by post of how much you have to pay. Just take the invoice to the convenience store and pay it with cash there. Very simple!

Be sure to pay on time! As credit cards are automatic loans, there will be an increase on the payment amount if you don’t pay accordingly. That is for any credit card company, not only J Trust Global Card. 

J Trust Global Card is useful for controlling your monthly budget, but some financial planning is necessary for every household; make your purchases with that in mind!

J Trust Global Card is the solution for your payments in Japan

With life being so busy, having a credit card is an indispensable way to simplify our daily tasks, and prepare ourselves for emergencies. 

Not being able to use a credit card is frustrating if you are planning to live in Japan for some time. It limits your boundaries, and keeps you stuck using the same services, and not always the best or most affordable ones. Being able to hold a credit card gives you freedom to choose more services, take advantage of special deals, and enjoy life as much as anyone else!

Get a credit card in Japan and say goodbye to a cash-only lifestyle

With J Trust Global Card, a foreigner-friendly credit card, you will have not only the benefits of being the owner of a credit card, but you will also be secure in knowing that the company providing you this service is aware of the struggles a foreign national in Japan still has to go through here, and understands the diversity of people and nationalities that are currently living in  Japan. 

If everything is alright with your visa status and your documents are updated, you will not be getting a cold and unfriendly refusal letter for your credit card. That can hurt. 

If you have any questions about J Trust Global Card, please check their Q&A here: https://mydeposit.jtrustcard.co.jp/en-faq/ (also available in other languages). They also have customer service available, and are happy to give you support if you have any other concerns. 

This is a great opportunity to step up your life in Japan, with more autonomy, options to choose from, and time to be wisely spent! 

Get yourself outside the bubble, and enjoy your new discoveries with J Trust Global Card. 

Click here to know everyday situations that this credit card can improve!