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Coffee from Malawi, the “Warm Heart of Africa”

By Alex Gray Sep 7, 2018

Many of us drink coffee in the morning. Do you need coffee to get you through your day? Or maybe you just enjoy the taste and savor your cup of coffee before bed as part of your daily routine.

It is so easy to grab a coffee in Japan. You can buy it in the supermarket, get it in a can from the vending machine down the street, order it to take-away in the convenience store of your choice, or settle down for a cup in your local coffee shop. But why not enjoy the luxury of a good cup of coffee at home? And what if we told you your morning coffee could be feeding children in Africa? We would like to introduce you to a coffee-loving community who strive to show Japan the brilliance of Malawi Coffee.

What is Malawi Coffee from East Africa?

Africa is known as the place of origin of coffee; for example, Ethiopia is famous for coffee and Tanzania is famous for Kilimanjaro. However, did you know that Malawi in East Africa is also famous for producing coffee?

What is so special about Malawi Coffee?

Malawi Coffee is 100% organic and is imported through free trade. It is grown in areas of high elevation (starting from 1,000 meters above sea level) in the Northern Region of Malawi. This area provides ample conditions for coffee. Coffee plantation is seen as one kind of soil conservation measure as erosion is an issue in these areas. 

Each bean is harvested gently by hand in the Misuku Hills located north of Mzuzu City on the Malawi/Tanzania border. Misuku is home to coffee, forest, bats, butterflies and garligo monkeys. To find out more about how the beans are harvested please check out this Youtube video.

Malawi coffee uses Arabica beans, and includes a rare bean called Geisha bean. The Geisha bean is a strong type of bean which enabled coffee to thrive in Malawi after weaker bean types wilted when introduced from Scotland in 1870s.

What is the Warm Hearts Coffee Club?



Warm Hearts Coffee Club is a Non-Profit Organization that both loves and distributes coffee. They are a community who support organic and fair trade coffee cultivation in Malawi. The name Warm Hearts Coffee gleans its inspiration from the region of Malawi and it’s people. Malawi is called the ‘Warm Heart of Africa’ and it’s individuals are known for their kind-hearted national character.

Warm Hearts Coffee Club believes in their mission to covey the charm of Malawi and Malawi Coffee to people in Japan. Japan is considered to be one of the major consumer nations of Coffee. They believe that the organic Coffee taken from the nature of Malawi should suit Japanese tastes.

Roasting and shipping at the same time! No shipping fee required!

Warm Hears ship the Malawi Coffee to Japan on the day that the Coffee bean is roasted. And we do not require any shipping fee! First, you order your preferred coffee beans or powder, the coffee will be roasted the next week and shipped straight away. This means you will be able to receive fresh coffee delivered directly to your house. 

All sales are donated!

100% of the sales are all donated to the Children in Malawi to help pay for their school lunch fee through Seibo, an International School Feeding NGO with headquarters in Japan. Seibo started the school feeding programme in February 2016 and by the end of the year were feeding over 14,000 children and continue to do so daily. Seibo chooses to give children a school meal to feed their minds as well as their bodies which helps the children concentrate in school, and to give parents more motivation to send their children to school in the first place. Each 15 yen raised provides one nursery school or primary school student a hot school meal. Warm Hearts Coffee Club believe that “with enough coffee, anything is possible”. They want to support the children of Malawi because 51% of the region of Malawi are children, and those children need support. Malawi Coffee will support the future of the Children, who will bear the future of Malawi!

Ongoing support is available through regular purchase!

You are able to select a subscription purchase option through the Warm Hearts Coffee website. Monthly or bi-monthly shipment subscriptions are available. You can choose a commitment of 3 months, 5 months, 12 months or more. As other options, you can also order ground coffee and coffee beans for ice and cold brew.

Organic charity coffee supports children’s school lunch!

Malawi Coffee is not only delicious but has the power to contribute to society by supporting children pay for their school lunch. For 1,000 yen you receive 100g of organic, Fair Trade coffee grown locally in Malawi, and all those proceeds go to pay for school lunches and give children another reason to continue their education.

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