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Convenient Goods to Bring to Hanami in Japan

By Yae Mar 19, 2018

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Japan Cherry-blossoms viewing party season is about to start! After the special event of White Day on March 14th next is the cherry-blossoms viewing party which we call “Hanami” .
If you’ve already planned when you’re going out for Hanami (at the end of March or early April), have you decided what to bring with you?

Many people start Hanami quite early in the morning, perfect timing to secure the best spots for Hanami.
This article will tell you about some convenient goods you better carry with you for Hanami. These goods will help you on Hanami.


1.Disposable Heat Packs



If you’re an expat in Japan, you may have already tried using hot-water bottle to make yourself warm when you go to bed.
However, do you know that there is also a convenient item called disposable heat pack we say “Hokkairo” in Japanese?

You can find these items at drug stores, supermarkets, convenience stores or even at Kiosk on the train platform.
There is a sticker type and the portable warm pad type so you can use them both ways at the same time, they can keep your body warm and prevent from cold.
If you’re planning to have Hanami all day from morning till night, take some extra disposable heat packs with you.
They’ll be effective for about half a day so if you change to the new ones from the evening, you can continuously feel warm all day.


・Disposable heat pack (15 yen-100 yen/each)
・Disposable heat pack (400en-600yen/30ea package)

We recommend you buy one package at the drug store. They can offer you low-cost/cheaper ones compared to other stores.

Any other way to use them?

Not only for Hanami but you can also use disposable heat packs in following situations as well:

* In autumn and winter season when you go out for a long time
* Attend parties such as wedding parties (with light/open dress on)
* Go out for camping or BBQ, staying out for a long time


2.Thermos Bottle with Hot Green Tea



Carrying thermos bottle outside is normal, especially for the Japanese office ladies (to save their money on drinking tea or coffee).
The strong point of this item is that it can keep your drink hot or cold for a long period of time. If you carry thermos bottle with you to Hanami, you can enjoy drinking a hot drink throughout the day.

You can also pour coffee or tea into the thermos bottle, but green tea is highly recommended. Green tea can help you avoid getting drunk.
Green tea has lots of Vitamin C and helps you to strengthen the liver function. (however, it’s not recommended to drink it a lot)



・Thermos bottle (1,700 yen-3,000 yen)

I recommend you to buy thermos bottle at the home depot or LOFT. You may find cheaper ones online, however, you better see the real thing rather than trying to predict how the real product looks/feels. You don’t want to have one with too heavy or complicated system to open and close, right?


Any other way to use them?

Not only for Hanami but you can also use thermos bottle in the following situations as well:

* It has outstanding wear and tear performance year-round in summer or winter. You can enjoy drinking something cold while this magical thermos bottle keeps the ice cold.

*You can carry it with you to work, picnic, BBQ or trip somewhere. Even if you stay at the hotel, there are electric kettles and green tea bags in the room you stay so you can pour the fresh hot green tea at the hotel to carry it outside.


3.Lap Blanket




If you bring a blanket with you at Hanami, this will help you out in 2 ways: either put it on your knees to feel warm or sit on the ground.
Some of you may think that it’s too much to prepare for protection against the cold?
Well, you can’t take the spring weather lightly since it will feel much colder than you think. If you keep walking all the time, it may help you keep yourself warm, but Hanami is the party you enjoy by sitting all day long, watching blooming cherry trees and drinking, eating and talking with your friends or families on the same spot.


・Lap blanket (1,000 yen-1,500 yen)

You can buy a blanket everywhere such as LOFT, department stores, home depot or online. If you want a really warm one, the fleece type of blankets would be the best.


Any other way to use them?


Not only for Hanami but you can also use lap blanket in situations like:

* A lap blanket can keep you warm everywhere: at home, at work, picnic or BBQ in the cold season.

Once you try the lap blanket, you will be addicted to it. How comfortable is it? You can experience it at the beauty salon in Japan.
The staff always asks you about any lap blanket while you’re having shampoo or haircut to keep you warm either in summer time or winter time.
Strong air conditioning in shops may be too much to bear but the lap blanket can help keep you warm all the time.



The best proverb that goes to Hanami would be “You can never be too prepared”
These 3 items are not only for one-time usage but can be used with several other options. Everyone needs convenient items which are useful in various situations.

If you’re ready, have a ground sheet, food, wine and beer with you, let’s consider additional 3 items such as disposable heat packs, thermos bottle for hot drinks and fleece type lap blanket.

Having them all prepared before you go to Hanami, won’t distract you and you’ll be able to focus on having fun chats with your friends or families all day and most importantly enjoying the stunning view of cherry-blossoms blooming.
Don’t forget that spring is just the beginning of the warmer seasons.