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5 Vegan Restaurants in Tokyo

By Guidable Writers Jun 7, 2017

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Japan is widely known for their food culture. From sushi with freshly captured fish from the sea to a warm and comforting miso soup, everything seems mouthwatering and most importantly, they don’t just look delicious, but they taste delicious. However, those people who are vegan might face difficulties in finding their needs since many of Japanese dishes, at least the ones that foreigners are aware of, consist of fish, meat, eggs, etc.


In 2016, Japan has welcomed little over 24 million foreign tourists, and the number is assumed to rise every year. What comes with this benefit is also an increase of an effort in answering the demand from the foreigners. The vegan communities in Japan are relatively small compared to the Western world, but there have been an increased number of vegan restaurants especially in big cities like Tokyo.


Here in this post, I would like to introduce the five vegan restaurants for those who are vegan (or vegetarian) to make your stay in this wonderful country even better. And you might encounter some food that you haven’t even heard of, but I promise you, they all taste amazing.


1.T’s Tantan


One of the well-known Japanese dishes is, of course, ramen. Unfortunately, ramen usually consist of pork or fish broths, and also non-vegan toppings that keep the communities away from eating this delicious dish. But no worries! T’s Tantan has an entirely vegan ramen with broth made with vegetables and lots of veggie toppings keeping everyone happy.


This ramen restaurant in located inside the Tokyo Station on the 1st floor. Make sure you know where this restaurant is and follow the signs within the station because it is a bit tricky to find. For those noodle lovers, it is a must go.


Hours: Monday-Sunday 7:00am-10: 30pm



Shinjuku is one of the most popular destinations for the foreigners, and there are several vegan restaurants as well. One of them is Lima café. This café offers some Japanese dishes made for vegans, and you might see dishes you have never tried. They offer a daily special, which changes everyday and they also have delicious vegan sweets. It is quite small and cozy, which makes the solo travelers easier to enter and enjoy the space in this cute café in Shinjuku. Because they are many foreigners visiting and also enjoying the food here, the English menu is also available.


Lima itself is a health store, and right next to the café, there is a health store, which sells all kinds of vegan, vegetarian and organic products which are convenient if you are looking for something for just grab&go.


Hours: Monday-Sunday 11:30am-7:00pm


3.AIN-SOPH Ripple

What another destination for those vegan restaurants digger should look for in Shinjuku is AIN-SOPH Ripple. This café is the fourth branch of Ain-Soph (others located in Ginza, Ikebukuro and another in Shinjuku). It has more of a casual atmosphere where people can relax and enjoy the food. The place offers some delicious vegan burgers and vegan taco bowls and burritos. If you’re looking for Japanese vegan dishes, this place might not be the one, but if you need to take a break from some Japanese dishes, this is the place to be with the friendly staffs.


What is different from other Ain-Soph is that it is cozier compared to the other three. Other ones are as delicious as this one, but for more relaxed and welcoming place, this is it.


Hours: Monday-Sunday 11:00am-10:00pm



Now, if you’re looking for an authentic yet a vegan Japanese food, don’t you worry, Nagi-Shakudo is the place to be. It is this adorable little gem located in the heart of Shibuya. With the beautiful interior, it offers both Western and Japanese seating options (which is hard to find in vegan restaurants). Like many other vegan restaurants, it is quite cozy and small but the food is delicious with both western and Japanese style, and also the price is reasonable.


It is quite difficult to find vegan restaurants offering authentic Japanese food. Many other vegan restaurants are mostly westernized which is a pity for those travelers seeking for something traditional. Nagi Shokudo will provide you a better experience for those vegan foodies eager to try authentic Japanese food.


Hours: Monday-Saturday 12:00pm -4:00pm, 6:00pm-11:00 pm


5.Little Saebejae

Can’t get enough of cute little vegan cafes? Well, at last, I have to introduce little gem located close to Asakusa. This amazing cafe, created by this an amazing owner, offers menus that change everyday, so it makes us eager to find out the food they offer each day. From their vegan brownies, muffins, Indian curry to soba noodles, everything is in high quality, which will satisfy to hungry stomach happily.


With excellent food and an excellent service, you will not regret the visit here in this little place.


Hours: Tuesday-Sunday 12:00pm-7:00pm


So these were the five vegan restaurants for those vegan travelers!


Gastronomy plays an important role in learning cultures and also, it is important when traveling because well, we all need to eat to stay alive! (haha) often for those who are in vegetarian or vegan communities, it can be quite difficult because in some countries, meat and dairy products are essential, and they need them in order to survive under reasons such as climates or geographically. Japanese food is often seen with seafood dishes which makes those who are vegan to think that there are no options for them when arriving in Japan but that isn’t the case. In Japan, we have plenty of options for vegans because we all love food and food should be enjoyed and loved by everyone in the world.


For those planning on visiting Japan, I can promise you that the experience here in Japan will be amazing. I introduced five places, but there are far many more restaurants out here in Japan (and a lot of them are located in Tokyo). Whether if you’re vegan or not, we hope to make every visitors have an amazing and delicious time here in this amazing country.