Food, Restaurant

Thanksgiving in Tokyo 2020 Guide

Nov 17, 2020

Over the years, Japan has adopted several western holidays including Christmas and Halloween adding ... Read More...

Food delivery driver in Japan

The Baito Ladder in Japan

Jun 12, 2020

Hi there, if you have just arrived in Japan and you are looking for some work to do, congratulations... Read More...

Food, Restaurant

Our Favorite All-You-Can-Eat Yakiniku Restaurants!

Mar 23, 2020

Introduction  What’s better than the sound of sizzling meat grilled on charcoal and the fizz of bub... Read More...

Move To Japan, House

IKEA: How to Make the Most Out of Your Small Flat in Japan

Jun 20, 2019

  How comfortable do you feel at your home in Japan? If you’re living in Japan temporari... Read More...

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What to Eat in Kyoto: Try Kaiseki in Kyoto!

Apr 11, 2019   PR  

Do you want to know what to eat in Kyoto? Kyoto, once a prosperous capital of Japan, is famous for i... Read More...


3 Different Kanto & Kansai Expressions To Know About!

Nov 16, 2018

    If you’re living in Japan right now, which region do you live in? Kanto regi... Read More...


3 Amazing Facts about Plastic Food Samples

Oct 26, 2018

  When you’re wondering what to eat for your lunch or dinner at the restaurants in Japan... Read More...

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5 Beer Gardens Perfect for a Date or Party in Tokyo

Aug 1, 2017

With so many beer gardens being held in Tokyo during summer, how to choose the perfect one for a dat... Read More...

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