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hotel pools in tokyo

7 Luxurious Resort Pools in Tokyo

By Brie Schmidt Aug 22, 2021

Almost nothing beats soaking up the sun, grabbing some ice-cold drinks, and relaxing in a refreshing pool during the hot dog days of summer. Add a rooftop city view, luxurious amenities, and classy touches, and you have the perfect idyllic summer day. Though this might sound like a fantasy, you can treat yourself to an elegant and refreshing pool day at these pools in Tokyo.

hotel pools in tokyo

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Best Resort Pools in Tokyo

Though some local community centers and gyms have pools open to enjoy during the summer, many hotels in Tokyo offer a resort-like experience worth indulging in when you want to beat the heat. Because some of these hotels only offer admission to hotel guests, you might want to pack your bags and prepare yourself for a cozy staycation. For a blissful summer day at the pool, check out these top spots in Tokyo:

Shinagawa Prince Hotel’s Outdoor and Indoor Pools

Located right next to Shinagawa Station, Shinagawa Prince Hotel offers an outdoor pool nestled right between the buildings of the city, making it a convenient spot for a quick cool-down in the water. If you prefer an indoor option on cooler or rainy days, Prince Hotel has you covered: their indoor facilities include a heated pool and a Whirlpool bath. Pools are limited to hotel guests, so come prepared to stay the night.

ANA Intercontinental Akasaka’s Open-Air Swimming Pool

Visit ANA Intercontinental’s open-air pool situated between hot spots like Roppongi and the recently renovated Toranomon. This pool is open to both hotel guests (for an extra fee, though they are currently running a special promotion that includes complimentary pool access) and daytime visitors. ANA offers add-ons to ensure your pool day is a relaxing one, with comfortable lounge seats and free-flowing drinks available. For those with little ones, be sure to check out the children’s pool too.

hotel pools in tokyo

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Tokyo East 21’s Garden Pool

For an elegant day at the pool, visit the Tokyo East 21 hotel in the comfy Toyo area of Koto-ku. Their outdoor garden pool is spacious and luxurious, with a European flair in the decor. Sit poolside under the many shady umbrellas, or take a dip in the refreshing water set against the open sky. There’s a Garden Cafe with light refreshments available, and you have the choice of visiting during the day or during the adults-only night pool hours (or for the best of both worlds, you can choose both!). The pool facilities are available for both hotel guests and general visitors.

Hotel New Otani’s Garden Pool

Hotel New Otani’s Chiyoda location is home to the largest hotel pool in central Tokyo. Not only that, but the luscious greenery surrounding the hotel offers a stunning backdrop for swimmers. Enjoy the garden pool, toddler’s pool, and diving pool during the day, or visit at night for a cool evening ambience with club music and mood-setting lighting. This pool is open to both hotel guests and general pool visitors.

hotel pools in tokyo

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Grand Nikko Daiba’s Grand Blue Terrace Pool

Soak up the sun with a view of Tokyo Bay, Rainbow Bridge, and the sparkling skyline at the Grand Nikko Daiba terrace pool. If you’re feeling claustrophobic in the city, this resort pool may be an ideal choice for you, with its airy surroundings and blue skies as far as the eye can see. Come during the day with family (there’s a small pool available for young children), or book at night to see Rainbow Bridge beautifully illuminated. Grand Nikko’s pool is available to reserve for both hotel guests and non-hotel guests.

Prince Hotel Tokyo’s Garden Pool

Not to be mixed up with the aforementioned Shinagawa Prince Hotel, Prince Hotel Tokyo is situated in Shibakoen with unbeatable views of Tokyo Tower. Catch this view while cooling down in their 25-meter garden pool, also equipped with a kiddie pool for families with children. Aside from the marvelous Tokyo Tower view, this pool is simply decorated with lush trees and all the lounge chairs you’ll need on your relaxing pool day! This year, the pool is limited to hotel guests only.

Park Hyatt Tokyo’s Sky Pool

If you’re less interested in soaking up the sun and more into classy design and a taste of luxury, Park Hyatt Tokyo’s indoor pool might be best for you. From this pool in Shinjuku, you can take in breathtaking panoramic views of Tokyo, as well as even catching a glimpse of Mt. Fuji on clear days. Be aware that this pool is located in the hotel’s Club on the Park spa and is currently only available to hotel guests and spa members.

hotel pools in tokyo

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Take a Dip in One of These Luxurious Tokyo Pools

Make the most of the summer, even in the middle of the city, and treat yourself to a day at one of the top hotel pools in Tokyo. Because of the continued pandemic and efforts to slow the spread of COVID-19, be sure to contact hotels in advance, as there may be some special restrictions in place. Also keep in mind that at this time, most of these pools require reservations in advance.

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