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Top 5 Water Parks you must go in Japan

By Guidable Writers Jul 27, 2017

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If you want to have a lot of fun, most of Japan’s outdoor swimming pools are already open in summer. Most of Japan’s outdoor swimming pools are open in July and close in early September. So, if you are interested in going to swimming pool, here are the places that you must try!  In this article, I am going to introduce 5 water parks that you definitely need to go if you live near Tokyo. In the water parks in Japan, the opening hours change almost every week, so if you are thinking of going to water parks, make sure the opening hours through checking the website before visitings. This page will give you the breif information about the opening hour and entrance fee, as well as the special features of each Water Park.


1.Tokyo summer land

Tokyo summer land is open every month except December to Feburary.


In the water parks in Japan, the opening hours change almost every week, so if you are thinking of going to water parks, make sure the opening hours through checking the website before visitings.


In the Tokyo summer land, the pools are in both outdoor and indoor, so eyou can enjoy it even on rainy days.


There are many different attractions and facilities that you can enjoy in Tokyo Summer Land. Tokyo Summer Land can be divided into three different sections; Adventure lagune, adventure dome, thrill mountain, and outdoor sports area.


In the adventure Dome, you can find a large wave pool, a phalanx of waterslides. You can even find an onsen, hot spring water there! Inside the glass topped Dome, you will be able to enjoy summer even on rainy days!


In the adventure Lagune area, which is the outdoor pool zone, you will find a lot of water slides and manmade waterfalls.


If you are tired of playing in the pools, there is a Outdoor sports area that you can enjoy golf and tennis.


The opening hours vary according to time, so you may want to check it out on the homepage of Tokyo Summer Land.


2.Water Amusement Island (Yomiuri Land)


Water Amusement Island is attached to the Yomiuri Land, which is a famous amusement park in Japan. You can choose from 32 different water rides, which include roller coasters, the big ferris wheel and go carts etc.


The pool park open from July to October, and you can easily access to the Water Amusement Island through a 30 minutes train ride from Shinjuku. It cost 3200 yen for adults. The opening hours varies according to the day you want to go, so make sure to look at it in the Internet. You can find more details from the link




Toshimaen is an amusement park owned by Seibu Group, and the park is located in Nerima-ku. So if you are living near Tokyo, this pool is also a good place for you to visit. Similar to Water Amusement Island, the pool area of Toshimaen is attached to the main amusement park, so you can enjoy both the water park and amusement park if you want to.


You can enjoy different types of Pools here. They have a wave pool, lazy river and water slides and other attractions. If you want to take your kids as well, Toshimaenn is a good choice because they have a small pool and small water slides which are made for small children. There are also special attractions such as swimming with a robotic dolphin. However, you should note that some of the attractions in the Toshimaen require you to pay additional cost for you to enjoy.


If you are interested in going to Toshimaen, check it out on the official home page! It will guide you with more detailed information such as the entrance fees and opening hours.


4.Tobu Super Pool



If you have not when to the Tobu Super Pool before, you might be surprised that the Tobu Super Pool is attached to the Tobu Zoo, as it name it self as the ‘Hybrid Leisure Land’. It takes 76 minutes from Shibuya, but it is a cool place to visit if you want to enjoy the unique amusement park.


In the pool section, they have various types of pools such as wave pool, pool with flowing water and water slides. Apart from the pool area, there are more than 1200 attractions that you can enjoy. If you are interested, find more information on the official home page!


5.Aquatic Park Kawagoe



The Aquatic Park Kawagoe is located in Kawagoe, which is in Saitama Prefecture. You are able to enjoy a great variety of slides and pools. The pool you definitely need to try it out is the pool with waves up to two meters. The entrance fee is very cheap compared to other water parks in Tokyo, it only cost 720 yen for an adult!


You can enjoy different rides such as two different water slides and wave pools and lazy river. The water slider is 118meter long. You can feel like you are falling from the 4th floor of a building. If you are looking for more information, check it out in the official home page!


These are the 5 must-go water parks that you must try out if you are in Japan. If you are interested in these places, make sure that you don’t have tattoos, because, in Japan, tattoos are prohibited in most of the swimming pools and onsens. Also, make sure that you take care of all your belongings as if they are easily get stolen in the swimming pools. If you are taking your children with you, keep your eyes on them every single second because in the holiday season the parks will be extremely crowded.