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Recommendation Restraurants of Tokyo : Acti cafe & bar in Shinjuku

By Guidable Writers Apr 28, 2017

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An adult retreat that enjoys rare Georgian wines in Japan

with hand-made snacks

Shinjuku / Shinjuku Sancho-me

“Acti cafe & bar”

Acti who is in cafe & bar in Tokyo · Shinjuku to introduce this time.

About 5 minutes on foot from Shinjuku, this shop is about a half year after setting up a shop in a good location that overlooks Meiji Dori.

Today, customers are 20 to 40 years old regardless of gender, and the interior is full.

The concept of the shop is “adult retreat” and all the interior is handmade from walls and floor to the desk.

“Shop name” “Acti” was made from the feeling of “shopkeeper’s” various places where various people can work and make memories “from the English word” activity “meaning activity.

For that reason, we have a wide variety of events and seminars held in the internal 3-4F, so why do not you take a look at it again?




Commitment is not the only interior. Many of the attention of the shopkeepers are also packed with wine and food.

Among them, wine is a pretty rare Georgian wine in Japan. It is said that Georgia wines of such abundant variety are unusual in Japan. Please try reasonable Georgian wine here Acti!


If you would like to enjoy sake too easily, sake sparkling is recommended!

Sake which features a fruity flavor is also proud of Acti.


A picture of a new menu released from next month is also released.

It seems that you are studying snacks that match wine and sake on a daily basis.

When you stop by Shinjuku, please come to Acti!