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Muji Japan: Simple and Quality Products From Japan to the World

By Margherita Mar 17, 2023

Muji Japan is a Japanese retail company that sells various household, and consumer goods started in the 1980s. The first Muji store opened in 1983 in Aoyama, Tokyo, but there are now more than 1000 stores worldwide in Asia, America and Europe.

The Philosophy Behind Muji Japan

“Selection of materials,” “Streamlining of processes,” and “Simplification of packages” are the core values of the company and what made this brand grow consistently all around the world, producing what they define as “no frills” quality products: at the starting point in the 1980s, Muji was producing simple and high-quality products for lower prices thanks to the enforcement of a rationalized production process.

Muji’s core statement is to shift the focus of its customers from the idea that “this product is good” to a more logical a rational concept that “this is what a product like this should be” with its range of simple and affordable products.

While Muji’s products can be defined as “minimalist”, Muji emphasizes that the aim of the simple and “plain” products are not minimalism itself but are to be versatile and able to accommodate the needs of a big variety of customers and people’s ideas. “Basic” and “universal” should be what comes to mind when thinking about Muji’s products.

What Can You Find at Muji in Japan

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Photo Credits: Unsplash

Nowadays, Muji offers more than 7,000 products, from apparel and stationery, home furniture and home goods, to foodstuff and bicycles – and even houses!

Let’s break down some of the most popular categories:

  • Stationery – notebooks, notepads, pens, folders, office storage items, and all you can dream of having on your desk
  • Home – Furniture, kitchen utensils, bedding, and home accessories for your kitchen, living, and bathroom
  • Apparel – basic high quality durable monochrome items of Scandinavian inspiration
  • Travel – from hard carry luggage to organization cases and containers – Muji will get you ready for your next trip with items you didn’t even know you needed.
  • Health and Beauty – skincare, soaps and lotions, makeup, essential oils, and all the essentials you need for a happy body (and mind!)
  • Food – a wide variety of ready-to-cook meals, snacks, beverages, and sweets.

Muji Around the Globe

Muji Ginza

Photo Credit: Unsplash

The Muji flagship store is located on Maniki-dori in Ginza, Tokyo, and opened in April 2019.

Muji Ginza is not just a shop but a well-rounded facility where you can spend hours roaming around the 7-floor shopping complex. From shopping on the six fully stocked floors where you can find anything you can think of – from fresh groceries to home furniture and bicycles. Is shopping not your thing? Roam around the 6th floor, grab a book at the “Library” or hang in the atelier, gallery, and lounge, which created a space to bring on the conversation about design.

Don’t wanna go home yet? Have a coffee and a pastry at Muji Diner on the B1 floor, dine at Muji Restaurant on the 6th floor, or stay at the Muji Hotel, located on the 7th floor. 

Muji New York

Muji Fifth Avenue in New York opened in Manhattan in November 2015.  

It is MUJI’s flagship store in North America and the biggest one in the country. 

By opening a store in this central New York location, where people from different countries and cultural backgrounds come in contact, Muji hopes to reach a great number of customers by spreading its philosophy of “no brand quality goods”.

Muji in Europe

The biggest Muji shop in Europe is located in Helsinki, Finland, spanning over 3,500 square meters. The store includes Europe’s first MUJI food court, with a restaurant, café, and a store that sells Japanese delicacies and local Finnish food from small suppliers, reinforcing the concepts of lowering waste and sustainability, selling products such as food or detergents by weight.

Muji Hiroshima

The biggest Muji store in the world is located not in Tokyo, as one could expect, but in Hiroshima. The concept behind this choice is that the population in Hiroshima Prefecture has one of the lowest healthy lifespans in the country, with a high percentage of the population over 60. 

By opening the shop in Hiroshima, MUJI wants to involve the community and promote an environment where people can become aware of the concepts of “eating well”, “being conscious of the environment”, “staying healthy”, “living in a good environment”, “support local businesses”, and “connect the community”.

Visit Muji Stores Worldwide and Experience Muji Japan’s “No Brand” Brand

Muji Japan has expanded as a global “no brand” brand, keeping loyal to the original philosophy of making simple products, high quality and that can cater to the thoughts and needs of a wide range of customers while promoting sustainability and health.

Check out Muji online store, select your region, and visit the shop closest to you to find out more about the fuzz of this “no brand” brand.

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