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Do you Love Japanese Food or Japanese Culture? Must-Stay Hotels in Fukuoka and Kyoto!

By Alex Gray Jun 22, 2020

Is Japan a heaven of delicious food or a paradise of culture? You’ll find amazing food in Fukuoka and endless cultural sights in Kyoto. But what hotel is for you?

Recommended Hotels in Fukuoka for Japanese Food Lovers and Kyoto for Culture Buffs

With the rainy season in full swing throughout most of Japan, and with Coronavirus still prevalent, the majority of us are still staying close to home. What better way to pass the time is there than daydreaming about your next trip? In another of our hotel recommendations, we have some more ideas you can put on your travel list.

Would you like to see a different side of Japan than the bright lights of Tokyo? Maybe something a bit more slow-paced and traditional. What about Fukuoka, the gourmet capital of Japan with old-style food stalls to tempt you at night? Or Kyoto the culture capital bursting with history, shrines, and temples?

Fukuoka is one of the last cities in Japan where you can find yatai (street food stalls). There are over 200 of them! Owners set up their lamp-lit stalls in the evening, ready for pedestrians looking for dinner on the go or a late-night snack. Here you can find a variety of tasty morsels, including sake, oden, yakitori, and of course, ramen. Fukuoka is, in fact, famous for Hakata ramen, or tonkotsu ramen. What makes it unique is the broth, boiled from pork bones, which gives it a distinct, smooth taste. Sample all the delicious food Fukuoka has to offer and find your favorite Hakata ramen restaurant.

Kyoto is a city worth traveling to if you love culture and history. Take a walk from the station and meander along the quiet, quaint backstreets of Gion and feel like you’ve been transported back in time. Not only is Kyoto home to historic temples, gardens, and streets, you can treat yourself to Japanese sweets with a history centuries old. In Kita ward near Imamiya shrine, there is even an Aburi-mochi rice cake shop that has been open for nearly 1,000 years! Enjoy the old culture of Japan in Kyoto!

Check out our hotel recommendations below and dive into the unique sights and culture Fukuoka and Kyoto have to offer.

Hotel Marital Sousei Kurume

Take a luxurious break in the quiet city of Kurume, about an hour from Fukuoka City. Kurume is a castle town that sits on the banks of the Chikugo River. There are temples and shrines to see, gardens to visit, and Japanese crafts to enjoy. Perhaps the most enticing sight in Kurume is Daihonzan Naritasan temple. It’s hard to miss the 62-meter statue of Mother Kannon, the landmark of the city seen from far around. There are steps inside the statue so you can climb to the top, not for the faint-hearted! Also famous in Kurume is Kurume Kasuri, a traditional textile indigo in color, designated as a National Traditional Craft Product. You can visit shops and the Kurume Kasuri museums to learn all about how it is made.

Hotel Marital Sousei Kurume is a luxury hotel with five different wedding halls, both temple and chapel included, and a traditional tea room. Come to the hotel to stay in the spacious rooms, relax in your private jacuzzi bath or have the wedding of your dreams in the unique venues available on offer.

The spacious rooms are equipped with elegant furniture, imported from Italy. All bathrooms offer the highest comfort with a healing jacuzzi, and the King Suite and Semi Suite also have a separate shower booth. Rooms include a King Suite, Semi Suite, Deluxe Twin Room, and a Deluxe Single.

The King Suite is a vast 109㎡, can sleep up to four people, and comes with a kitchenette and large dining table. There is only one exclusive King Suite in the hotel.

The Semi Suite, for three people, is 49㎡ for type A and 54㎡ for type B.

The Deluxe Twin, is 36㎡ and can capacitate up to two people. The Deluxe Single A type is 31㎡ , and B type is 36㎡ big. All rooms except the Deluxe single have a massage chair.

Other facilities include a large public bath exclusively for guests on the 7th floor, relax in style. And a common room filled with books. If you would like to enjoy breakfast from the comfort of your room, you can have breakfast (American or Japanese) brought up at your desired time.

Hotel Marital Sousei Kurume has several options for your perfect wedding with a temple, a chapel, a ceremony hall, and two gardens. Have you always wanted a Japanese style wedding? The hotel offers a Shinzen, Japanese style wedding ceremony, in the only ceremony hall in Japan dedicated to Amaterasu of Ise Jingu Shrine! Or you can have a Japanese style wedding in the Japanese garden. If you prefer a western or Christian style wedding you can do so in the chapel, the ceremony hall or the garden – garden wedding anyone? There are also five different hall venues for your reception!

Have a pre-wedding photoshoot at the hotel’s Luce Garden, thank your parents in the traditional Japanese tea room setting, enjoy your ceremony. Then you will be ready to party for the reception in the hall, or maybe you’d like a garden party! With so many venues available in one place, you can choose the wedding of your dreams.

Check out the homepage for more information about the wedding packages available, the venues and cuisine!


ORI stay&living

If you are getting used to boring-style guest houses, why not check out the special ORI stay&living – private Guesthouse, built 100 years ago, located in Nishijin, Kyoto, near Kinkakuji-Temple and Kitano Tenmangu Shrine.


The ORI stay&living is actively available like Airbnb, which means you can enjoy pleasant moments in this gorgeous guest house as if it is your home sweet home. All you need to do is meet the staff in the check-in process and then make it like home!

There is a large warm living room designed with a wooden style, and a beautiful small garden which has its plants changed every season. Moreover, you can taste Kyoto in your own way through various books available in the living room. The experience you have in ORI stay&living is entirely different compared to other guest houses. Worry about there being no staff at all? Nevermind, Kyoto, ORI stay&living is for you to explore, my adventurer. The staff team has already prepared a complete, detailed sightseeing guide book. One unique thing about Kyoto for you to know, the beautiful old capital is Japan’s largest consumer of bread. You can check the owner’s bakery’s recommendation through the guide book.

Elegantly located in an address separated from downtown, the customer can temporarily escape from the noise and busy downtown area. The design, the atmosphere, the people, all things, do not need to be too luxurious, also chill – the supreme realm of relaxation. Enjoy your own Kyoto with your beloved people, your family. Have some emotional talk all night, enjoy pleasant books, immerse your soul into romantic Kyoto. ORI stay&living believes that the warm and friendly atmosphere could bring you to the mood of relaxation.

The room can accommodate up to 5 people. This accommodation provides a locality, rooted in the town of Kyoto, and values local taste. Also, you can stay in a familiar place instead of going somewhere.

ORI stay&living provides everything you need, such as FREE wi-fi, all of the available Kitchen equipment, bath towel, amenities, air conditioner, hairdryer, Free Coffee and Tea), TV, and a laundry machine.

The guest house proudly receives tons of positive reviews.

“The Guesthouse was beautifully designed, scrupulously clean, was full of thoughtful touches, and is situated in a quirky neighborhood. The staff were super sweet and gave us some wonderful advice about lovely local restaurants and cafes. Even the neighbors were friendly. Buses were convenient too. I spent a lot of time imagining I lived here permanently and hope to return.”

“Easily accommodated 5 of us and a great location to explore Kyoto (and Osaka). A couple of quaint eateries/bars to frequent nearby. Warm and comfortable with all amenities provided by hosts. The hosts were welcoming and accessible. High rate.”

“The host was super friendly and very helpful. The apartment was spacious, very tidy, and in top shape. Bicycles were available for free, which we greatly enjoyed. We got some recommendations for restaurants which were spot on! The whole stay was a great experience, and we would gladly come back at any time! Thank you for a great stay!”

“Staying in a refurbished centennial house is in itself amazing. But besides that, the apartment was very well thought, from the furniture disposition to homeware available, making you feel at home. Also, the neighborhood is quiet, the subway is about 10 min on foot, there are bikes available, wi-fi works very well, providing a very comfortable, pleasant and clean stay, for a fair price. My eight years old and four years old children loved our stay. The staff were also very friendly and most helpful!”

Almost all reviews prove that the satisfaction of the customer is at the highest rate. Most of them said that they had beautiful relaxing moments as if the guest house is their own home: gorgeous atmosphere, full of warm heart hospitality. The “JAPANESE OMOTENASHI” is right here. No need to be found.

You have been desperate to discover a relaxing guest house that stands out from others. Stop looking for heaven ORI stay&living is where you need.


KéFU stay&lounge

If you are wondering: “How can a guesthouse be this gorgeous? What is its name? Where is this place?” Well, if you have the chance to visit the beautiful old capital of Kyoto, do not miss this spot. This is a spectacular guest house named KéFU stay&lounge based in the “Kingdom of Traditional Textile” – Nishijin, Kyoto city.

Following the slogan: “The usual scenery in Kyoto, that becomes special scenery on your trip,” the guest house aims itself as one of the must-visit places after visitors enjoy all the major sightseeing spots. The special thing that makes the unique difference here is, in KéFU stay&lounge, you stay and enjoy pleasant, relaxing moments.

KéFU stay&lounge offers you “YOUR THIRD TIME KYOTO.”

Used to be a significant entertaining quarter with lots of playhouses, Nishijin is now regarded as Japan’s Traditional Textile Centre. In Nishijin, there are over 700 small businesses that continue to cultivate and maintain the ancient textile heritage for centuries. Walking on the historical streets of Nishijin, you can hear the emotional sound of traditional weaving machines. Observing the old quarter, arriving at local shops, you will have the feeling that time seems to slow down. There is “The usual Kyoto” in Nishijin, where you can enjoy the calmness and fresh air which you would probably never have in busy downtown.

In KéFU stay&lounge, there is a café & bar area with a relaxing atmosphere, like in a Japanese old-fashioned coffee shop. You can enjoy alcohol and Japanese sake with local people, especially university students nearby. They serve delicious food, even available for a take-away order. The quality of the meals is 100% guaranteed using fresh ingredients such as local vegetables, homemade bacon, and ham. Vegetarian meals are also available on the menu. You can pick up the feed and chill out, enjoy the sweet view of the Kamogawa river.

KéFU stay&lounge offers Single Room, Double Room, Twin Room, and Family Room. The satisfaction of the customer is always put first. In the Stay room of the guest house, you can relax with high-quality STANDARD TRADE furniture and high-end Simmons Bedding mattress.

There are two types of rooms: Minimal and Comfort. Minimal rooms offer a private washstand, hairdryer, bath towel, slippers, and free Wi-fi. Comfort rooms offer a private bathroom, toilet, and all services above. The high-quality bath amenities are prepared by the “OSAJI” skincare brand. If you are interested, you can ask to buy them.

Located in a very convenient spot, from KéFU stay&lounge, you can visit Ginkakuji-Temple when you head to the east. Meanwhile, the Kinkakuji-Temple is in the west, historic Nijo Castle in the South, and there is the beautiful Daitokuji-Temple in the North. At the lounge of the café & bar area, the guest house has a map which shows in detail all the north area of Kyoto city. The map is updated every season. This is your compass specially designed for your special trip! You can meet up with other tourists, change someone’s “usual” scene to your unusual scene.

Book lovers, we have good news! In KéFU stay&lounge, there are more than 100 books that are carefully selected from the Keibunsha bookstore (a popular bookstore). You still want to immerse yourself into Nishijin’s romantic old quarter? You can immerse yourself into romantic journeys through the magical book pages. Have you ever wanted to read a book that you had read several years ago again? This is an opportunity to meet “your old friend” at KéFU stay&lounge.

If you are an active person, that’s okay too. KéFU stay&lounge hosts exciting events with the local residents regularly. Unfortunately, those enjoyable activities have been canceled because of Coronavirus, but it is expected they will be hosted again soon. Don’t worry; there are still events hosted last-minute, but the joyful is definitely guaranteed! For you to know, the Nishijin district is now trying to create a new culture to attract tourists.

Curious in discovering the Nishijin mysterious hidden culture, or in exploring the different side of the gorgeous old capital of Kyoto, better check out KéFU stay&lounge now my journey-loving friends.

Find Your Favourite Hotel in Fukuoka or Kyoto!

We hope you have some new ideas about where to stay in Fukuoka and Kyoto!