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Photogenic Spots in Japan for Golden Week

By Yae May 3, 2018

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What’s your plan for Golden Week this year? Are you planning to make good use of the week full of holidays and taking a short trip to somewhere? For those who have not planned anything yet but want to go some close-by photogenic spots in Japan, this article will show some you some tips!

The weather may suddenly change but this article will show you the recommended photogenic spots and also the recommended date for you to go with current weather forecast information together. We hope this article may be useful for you.

Let’s see what we’ve got here together!


1. Country Farm Tokyo German Village @ Chiba



Are you feeling any stress from your work or studying at school recently and need some healing during Golden Week? Don’t worry, there is an amazing spot that will ease your mind.
If you go to the County Farm Tokyo German Village, you can enjoy a full day with many different amusement spots such as follows.


・Attractions such as giant wheel, sled on the lawn grass, archery, fishing, skating, mini-golf, etc.
・Sports area where you can play soccer and basketball for free.
・Zoo that you can see sheep, mini-pigs, etc. with your children.
・Dog playground for your special pet.
・Flower spot that you can see the full bloom of the digitalis, snapdragon and violas.


There are some restaurants as well, so you can spend your entire day in this huge amusement park. If you love drinking beer, you can drink real German beer only during Golden Week so don’t miss it!
Full of nature, lovely animals, great food and drinks, what else could be better? Beautiful pictures can be taken by the relaxed mind.


<Opening and closing hours>

April 28, 29,30:9:00-17:00
May 1,2:9:30-17:00

※During Golden Week, opening hours change as above.


419, Nagayoshi, Sodegaura City, Chiba Prefecture, 299-0204


Going by car ensure the easiest access. It takes about 40 min by car from Chiba Station. It is possible to enter the by car and park at each area inside Country Farm Tokyo German Village.

<Current weather forecast>

April 28, 29,30, May 1:Sunny day
May 2:Cloudy day
May 3,4,5,6:Rainy day

The weather may suddenly change but it advisable to go on the first half of Golden Week holidays.


2.Yamanashi Fuefukigawa Fruits Park @Yamanashi



How often do you eat fruit? Many of you are aware that fruits are full of Vitamin C. If you want to know more about fruits, how about going to Yamanashi Fuefukigawa Fruits Park for Golden Week?
At this park you can experience a full day with several different amusement spots such as follows.


・Fruit museum that you can learn a lot about fruit trivia
・Domed play spot where you can see many species of fruit, flowers and there is also a special playground equipment for kids
・Orchard that you can enjoy fruit for each season
・Free dog run


If you get hungry, you can eat your lunch at the park restaurant and you can enjoy meals encorporating fresh vegetable and fruits. You can eat with stunning view. Since every view in this park is beautiful including the buildings, I’m sure you can’t help taking pictures.


<Opening and closing hours>



1488, Ezohara, Yamanashi City, Yamanashi Prefecture, 405-0043


By car:It takes about 100 min from Shinjuku Station by highway.
By trains:It takes about 80 min from Tokyo Station to Yamanashishi Station by Chuo Line. After getting off the train,  10 mins by taxi from Yamanashishi Station.

<Current weather situation>

April 28, 29,30, May 1,4,5,6:Sunny day
May 2:Cloudy day
May 3:Rainy day


3.Japan Food Park @Hibiya



Do you love Japanese food and want to samples dishes other than the usual sushi or Japanese foods you can eat in restaurants? If you want to try many types of cheap but tasty local food, this is the best place for you to go in the Golden Week holidays. You can buy many varieties of Japanese food such as ramen, Japanese fried chicken called “Karaage”, Japanese beef brands, etc.

There are more than 1,000 seats and places on the lawn to relax while trying out the delicacies.
This may be a good chance to experience something you can’t find in the guide book and you can pass this information to your other non-Japanese friends.

Those in the know, know. Now you’re the one of them.

<Opening and closing hours>

May 2:16:00-22:00
May 3,4,5:11:00-22:00
May 6:11:00-20:00


Hibiya park, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, 100-0012


By train: Hibiya Line or Chiyoda Line Hibiya Station, just right after the exit A10,A14.

<Current weather situation>

April 28, 29,30, May 1,4,5,6:Sunny day
May 2:Cloudy day
May 3:Rainy day


Travelling to Hawaii or a southern holiday resort is great but there are little-known places in Japan to see as well. Especially during Golden Week travel costs a lot more than in the regular season so many Japanese people like to avoid long trips during this season, and prefer to have fun closer to home in order to save money.

It’s hard to see what is under your nose. If you look around carefully, you can find photogenic spots everywhere.
How about trying to think this way, and you will start to see these photogenic places everywhere.

Golden Week is about to start now. Have fun!