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10 Things You Must Bring for Job Interview

By Guidable Writers Jun 4, 2017

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When you finally find the desirable company to work as a part-time job in Japan and now you’re ready to visit the company for interview, what you should bring with you?

Do you have all the things well prepared before you go?

Here are 10 Things You Must Bring With You for Job Interview in Japan.

Make the checklist and everything’s ready!

1. Personal Resume

Sometimes company tells you in advance that you don’t need your personal resume but normally you need it.

Even if you must write down your personal resume on the company specified profile sheet when you visit the company, you can easily write with looking at your own resume in this case and you don’t need to get upset when your brain goes white.

2. Personal Name Seal

When you make bank book, you need your name seal as well and you need it in the case the company decides to hire you during the interview.

They may tell you to read the company contract sheet and need your name seal for agreement to work.

3. Memo of Company Access, Interviewers’ Name etc.

Most of the people use smart phones recently and they search for access by internet and keep their memo on the phone application.

However, when you have a job interview, you better bring a hard copy of memo with company details for secure. What if you lose your phone by accident on the way to the company? What if the phone suddenly freezes and can’t open the memo apps or can’t access to the internet?

In case of phone problems, you can go to company safely if you have memo on piece of paper!

4. Memo of Writing Out Interview Questions

Interviewers may ask you if you have any other questions while job interview.

Even if you have it already on your mind, you might forget sometimes due to the nervousness so if you have memo on piece of paper or notebook with all the questions you want to ask, you don’t have the risk to lose the chance for asking important questions.

The interviewers will be also impressed of your questions which shows your willingness to work in the company.

5. Writing Materials

Visiting the company for interview is not just meeting the interviewers and immediately go home but also you need sometimes to write down interview sheet from the company or the documents you must fill in.

Asking for interviewers or other company staff to borrow pen or pencil makes impression that you’re the person who can’t make ready properly.

6. A School Identification Card/Personal ID Card

Normally the company will ask you to show your school identification card if you are student, or your own ID card.

This is the same requirement as passport for ID purposes so please make sure to bring with you for the interview.

7. Passport

This is also necessary to show the company for ID purposes.

Japanese people normally need to show their driver’s license or student ID but for every foreigner, you need to show your passport.

You also need to show your passport when you want to stay in hotel as well so if you have plans to travel around in Japan, take your passport with you all the time.

8. Bank Book

Normally you get paid your salary by bank transfer and company asks you to write down the bank accounts on their specified paper if you’re hired from the company.

If you want your salary by cash, you better consult the company in advance because it’s unusual case and it depends on the company if they can accept this way or not.

You can make your own bank book if you have residence card which can be issued if you stay over 90 days in Japan.

9. Cell-Phone/Smart Phone

Probably you always carry your cell-phone all the time, but you must bring your phone with you when you visit company for job interview.

Even if you leave home early, you may have problems for train delays or unexpected accidents.

If you fall into the situation, you need to call the interviewers immediately to let them know you’re late.

There used to be a lots of public pay phones but it’s hard to find now even in suburbs in Japan.

Make sure to check the battery of cell-phone as well.

10. Wristwatch

Many people like having games, using SNS, listening to music on the smart phones.

However, if you’re looking your smart phones while you’re waiting for job interviews in the company, people who see you will think you’re playing on the phone apps or something. Even if you’re just checking the time, check from your watch not the phone.

However, please don’t try to see your watch in the middle of the interview since this makes impression that you’re in hurry to get done with the interview.

Any Forbidden Things you can’t bring?

There are 2 things you can’t bring for interview as follows:

1. Too Much Decorated Smart Phones or Smart Phone Case

Even it’s your own phone, the company may think you come for the party or something if you have a brightly decorated cell phone or too much fancy phone case.If you have that case, you better take it off for the interview day.

2. Anything Not Related to the Job Interview

Even if you have some plans after the job interview, don’t bring a big backpack or BBQ stuff etc. like anything not related to the interview.

Even if you want to save your time not going back home, this is unacceptable and interviewers think that you don’t take it seriously to work for that company.

If you really don’t have time for the next plan but you need to bring the things with you, put the things in the coin-operated locker before you visit the company.


Hope you see what kind of things you must bring for job interview.

Make your checklist and wish you luck!




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