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Never do these 5 things at your part time work!

By Guidable Writers May 20, 2017

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Never do in part time work

Using work equipment for personal things? Chatting with a friend that came to visit? What seems like normal behavior in your home country may be considered taboo in Japan. If you are new to the working environment, make sure to stay away from these 5 things that you may unconsciously be doing in your part time work.


Chatting with a friend

Chatting in general is considered not professional during your shifts. If people you know visit you at work, you may be tempted to spend time with them. However, to other customers, you can appear to be lazing off and not taking your work seriously. This can also apply to chatting among your coworkers. Remember that you should always be professional during your shifts as you are there to represent the company.




Using your phone

There may be times when there are little customers and you have free time. However, this does not mean that you can play around on your phone. You are being paid even during the free time, so you should not get distracted in case customers come unexpectedly. You can always find something to do when there are less customers, such as cleaning or organizing the space.

Being late all the time

Being on time is the least you can do to show respect towards your workplace and coworkers. If you are continuously late, this shows that you are careless and inconsiderate. Even if you do happen to be late, be sure to notify the workplace as soon as possible.

Using equipment for personal use

You may have access to various equipment and materials for your work. However, these things are provided only so you can complete your work. Therefore, using them for outside work purposes is a taboo. Taking stationeries home, using the work telephone for personal calls, and using the printer for non-work related things are all considered inappropriate.



Borrowing money from coworkers

Money is a sensitive subject, and borrowing money disrupts an equal relationship between you and the lender. It can also result in unnecessary troubles which can affect the work atmosphere / performance. Money matters should be handled only between people you truly trust, and in circumstances which you know won’t cause trouble to others.


Summary of part-time job

All of these may sound too strict to anyone who is used to a more lenient and friendly working culture. However, keep in mind that you are being paid to do your work, so you should always respect the workplace. It may also be helpful to be aware of the strict division between the ‘professional’ (public) and the ‘personal’ that is prevalent in Japanese culture.

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