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Looking for A Job? Your New Favorite Site: Guidable Jobs!

By Guidable Writers Jun 10, 2019

Ok, We have all been in that situation. Yes, the situation of looking for a job. You probably are in that situation right now or know someone that is. It is not the best place to be, but at one point or another in our lives we have or will end up there.

We all know that it can be quite a stressful position to be in, and I believe it even more so in Japan. Looking for a Job in Japan, especially for foreigners can be STRESSFUL, it will amaze you how difficult it can be, and it only gets more difficult if you only know basic to no Japanese. Believe me, I personally know how stressful it.

Knowing this and since I am someone always willing to help those in need, I will introduce you to what I believe is the next best thing or foreigners in Japan on the lookout for a Job! Guidable Jobs.

Guidable Jobs is a platform that helps to bring companies in Japan, and foreigners in Japan together. It is one of Guidable’s service and I believe it is quite helpful to a lot of foreigners in the Japanese Society today. The aim is to a helping hand in providing a friendly service for foreigners in Japan and leading them to the right company for them!

Check out our new job postings on Guidable jobs!


Experienced Part-time English Teacher



  • Company: Blue Dolphins International Preschool
  • Japanese: Conversational
  • English: Native
  • Location: Saitama, Saitama Pref.
  • Wage: JPY 3000/ hour

Blue Dolphins International Preschool is searching for a reliable, energetic and qualified English teacher for Saturdays. The class size is small and it is a great way to make some extra money on the side! The company would like the candidate to be a native English speaker.

APPLY HERE: https://jobs.guidable.co/offers/959


Custodian for Tokyo Hotel



  • Company: Fairton Corporation
  • Japanese: Conversational
  • English: Conversational
  • Location: Minato-ku, Tokyo Pref.
  • Wage: JPY 1,300/ Hour (JPY 1,150 during the 1~6 Month training period)

Caring, outgoing, and hardworking custodians needed to join a new hotel 「The Okura Tokyo」opening on 12th September 2019. The hotel is in a great location just 8 minutes from Kamiyacho station and 10minutes from Toranomon station! There are lots of great benefits such as paid leave and paid transportation!

APPLY HERE: https://jobs.guidable.co/offers/962


Guest Service Officer/Online Sales Manager



  • Company: T Hotel Ryuoo Management Co., Ltd.
  • Japanese: Conversational
  • English: Business Level
  • Location: Nagano, Nagano Pref.
  • Wage: JPY 170,000~280,000 /Month

Your Job would mostly be to look after the guest at the Hotel, checking them in and out, and making reservations.

In addition, the other position of sales involves you using sales and reservation management utilizing OTA and home page.

APPLY HERE: https://jobs.guidable.co/offers/879


Waiters and Waitresses



  • Company: Shinagawa Abientot
  • Japanese: Conversational
  • English: None
  • Location: Minato-ku, Tokyo Pref.
  • Wage: JPY 1,100 /Hour

Your responsibility involves serving the customers and at times helping the chef as well.

You will be trained in cooking and especially in the making of Okonomiyaki.

APPLY HERE: https://jobs.guidable.co/offers/961


Industrial Worker



  • Company: Kadoya Kogyo Co., Ltd
  • Japanese: Conversational
  • English: Conversational
  • Location: Katori, Chiba Pref.
  • Wage: JPY 230,000 /Month

Outgoing applicants with a challenging spirit needed to work in a concrete factory. Part of your job is measuring the product, and recording products on logistics pallet.

APPLY HERE: JPY 230,000 /Month


Hopefully, you were able to find a job that you find most beneficial for you. These are just a small fraction of the jobs available on Guidable Jobs, you can also visit the website to find other jobs available and that best match you here: https://jobs.guidable.co/


Love Oladele