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The Peculiarity of Fresh Graduates in Japan: The Process for Employment

By Guidable Writers May 7, 2017


It is very challenging to adapt to the new stage of life as a  fresh graduate in Japan. Many  Japanese companies welcome fresh graduates at the same time as well as offer job employment to them informally before making the decision  of officially hiring them as employees. Therefore, 4th grade university students starts to seek for a job  as early as from March and participate in many company information sessions or internships which companies hold often. In addition, the start time changes for recruiting new graduates. It depends on the year, because Keidanren, a union which leading companies join, decides it. However, there are problems regarding this new-graduate system.


From the point of view of students, they do not have enough time to seek for a job which they conform with themselves. In addition to what I mentioned above, because it is not clear when a company can start to recruit new graduates. Therefore, many of 4th grade students are embarrassed in this situation. The main problem is that most of new graduates who can get a job leave the company in three years, without using the knowledge to study in the university. Furthermore, they have to study the know-how for entering examination of the company and take the interview with wearing the same suit. Many of foreigners might wonder in this situation. According to the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, the turnover rate of new graduates is approximately 30%. The reason for leaving from the company is that the occupation does not meet with their expectations and also due to unfit workplace communication and differences. If they have the experience to actually work in the company as an intern, they will have a better understanding about the details of the job requirements and the situation in the workplace.



On the other hand, in the U.S. University students work as an intern for summer and winter vacations. They have the opportunity to prove themselves to their respective employers that they are capable of doing the job. Once they have proven their skillset, it is easier for the employer/s to absorb them as regular or contractual employees in the future. Western job environment is more flexible and open. In Europe it is also similar. New graduates have the chance to utilize what they have learned from their schools and according to their degree.





In comparison, the Japanese style for recruiting new or unexperienced fresh graduates is much more different as compared with other western countries. This is the issue that the Japanese system have to reconsider in order to regulate the decrease of the working population.




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