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Teach English in Japan! Job in Japan for foreign students

By Guidable Writers Jun 1, 2017

I want to teach English in Japan!

Many international students are finding part-time jobs in Japan. They might think it is very difficult for them to find part-time jobs in Japan as there Japanese skill is not perfect, but in Japan, you can work by making the most of your English skills! As global human resources are more and more demanded in today’s society, more and more families in Japan are hiring international students to teach their kids English. If someone asks you the best place to earn money teaching English in Asia, and the chances are good that Japan will be my answer. Being a tutor is a good idea as many parents in Japan are very happy to see their children interacting with international students and learn English. Therefore, if you want to teach English in Japan, it is a good idea as your linguistic skill is very demanded in today’s Japanese Society! So, how can you start teaching English in Japan, and how much can you get?


How to teach English in Japan

If you go to your university, you may see there are notifications that are seeking English tutors. Also, many language programs are seeking native teachers, such as Chinese, Korean, French, Spanish, German… You might find an opportunity to teach your mother tongue to your students! You might also want to find information through online sources.

Some of the international students might think that there Japanese skills may not be sufficient, but as you are going to teach English, so Japanese is often not required. Sometimes it is even better for you not to be able to speak Japanese as you can force students to speak in English! There are two main different ways to be an English tutor. One is to be hired directly by families who are seeking for English teacher for their children. And the other way is to apply through companies that are seeking international students to be English tutor. There is another way to become an online English teacher, who teaches English through the Internet.

Is it possible for you to be an Online English teacher?

There are few online English schools in Japan. Among them, Mainichi Eikaiwa is the leading online English school in Japan. If you are a native English speaker with some experience in teaching English to ESL learners, you can apply regardless of where you are living currently. You might be in a region that is outside of Tokyo, or even outside of Japan, and you can still teach English to Japanese students. It can save your time as you can teach English to your students from your house without spending any transportation fee! However, there are certain criteria that you must pass to fulfill the requirement. First, as mentioned before, you had to be a native English speaker and had an experience of at least six months in the field of English teaching. You also must have a college or university degree. Similar to normal English tutor, you have to be able to prepare lessons for each student based on his or her level of English and goals. You also need to be familiar with the Internet, and electronic devices as the lessons are conducted in Skype. This is just one example of the online teaching program, and there are many other similar programs that are on the Internet. Sankei Online English is another program that seeks for international students (although this is also limited to native English speakers). Unlike Mainichi Eikaiwa which mentioned above, it does not require any teaching experience, while applicant must have at least a college level education/teaching/training or equivalent. Similar to Mainichi Eikaiwa, you also need to have high-speed internet connection at home at least 2mbps, not Wifi.

From the above two examples, you can see there are different English tutor program that you can find on the Internet. Apart from them, it is said that there are many English programs that allow non-native speakers to work as an English tutor, so if you are interested, you should check them out on the Internet.


What is the salary of teaching English in Japan?

So how much would you get for being an English teacher? If you are an English teacher, you can get higher salaries compared to other labor workers in Japan, as the salary of the work is relatively high compared to the other jobs. Although it depends on the employers, there are employers who are willing to pay more than 2500 yen per hour, while other part-time jobs only get around 1000yen per hour. You can set you own price and schedule, which means you have flexibility and control over your work. If there is a higher competition in your area, you can get away with charging more, but a lack of demand translates to a lower rate. Researching local rates and demands will ensure you higher wages, as well as making sure your price match that of the ones offered. If you apply through agent companies that are recruiting English tutors, your salary might be a little bit lower than being hired directly by the family.


What Qualification do you need to teach English in Japan?

You do not need to be a native English speaker, as only basic or intermediate English skill is required. The level of English education is relatively low in Japan; even junior high students are still learning the basic grammar in their school. Therefore, even if you are not a native English speaker, you do not need to worry too much, as you are only teaching basic level English. If you apply through companies, they might ask you to give your background information, and sometimes they may require you to send your TOEFL score to check your level of English. If you apply through English tutor companies, you might need to take a test to see your English proficiency.

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