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5 Christmas Events you cannot miss in Tokyo!

By Guidable Writers Dec 8, 2017

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You might have seen many Christmas decorations in the city like Santa Clause, Christmas wreaths, Christmas trees and many lights. Christmas is coming to Japan too, for those who have never experienced Japanese Christmas or have already enjoyed it, have you decided what you are going to do for this Christmas? I will introduce 5 events you cannot miss for this year’s Christmas event, so why don’t you go and have a look?


Starlight Garden 2017 in 東京ミッドタウン/ Tokyo Midtown illumination event

(image: Let’s Enjoy Tokyo

https://www.enjoytokyo.jp/img/s_e/3840/383572IMG1_NEWS.jpg )

This is the most impressive illumination event in Tokyo. You can see the bright lights which creates a romantic atmosphere.

1-1 what is Tokyo Midtown?

Tokyo Midtown is an amusement facility including a hotel, a museum, shops , accommodations, parks, and hospitals.

It is like one independent town in Tokyo. There are some events held throughout the year in here.

1-2 what can we do in Tokyo Midtown for Christmas?

Since Tokyo Midtown is a kind of amusement town, you can enjoy many things on the Christmas day too.

The main corner of Christmas event in Tokyo Midtown is a beautiful illumination which celebrates 10 years birthday of Tokyo Midtown. There are 510,000 lights which bright in a garden.

The concept of this illumination is a universe. You can enjoy a show made with colorful lights and music. The lights express the mysterious stories about the moon, sun, Saturn or other planets in the illumination. The romantic atmosphere made by this breathtaking lights will definitely make an unforgettable memory for this Christmas. Enjoy a special time with your partner!

>>Starlight Garden 2017

Access: direct link from Roppongi Station (六本木駅) Exit 8

Event schedule: 15th Nov ~25th Dec in 2017

Official HP: http://www.tokyo-midtown.com/jp/xmas/


東京クリスマスマーケット2017 / Tokyo Christmas Market

(image :東京クリスマスマーケット2017公式Facebook


There is an event which everyone can enjoy, will be held in Hibiya park (日比谷公園). Go visit and enjoy the special time with your family and your friend at this event!

2-1 what is the event about?

The main theme of this Christmas event held in Hibiya park is a Christmas market. Some of you from Europe might be familiar with a market opened for Christmas. You can enjoy it in Tokyo too!

There is a big Christmas pyramid brought from Seiffen in Germany which is a famous place for Christmas ornament. This Christmas pyramid is 14m high, and be there as a symbol of the event.

You can enjoy mulled wine, Christmas traditional sweets, and shopping for Christmas ornaments.

2-2 Enjoy making your original Christmas items

In this event, you can enjoy making your original Christmas goods in a workshop. There are some workshops opened during the event period in the park. There are workshops for snow dorms, preserved flowers, Finnish Christmas ornaments, and candles.

So, do not worry even if you have not prepared some Christmas decorations in your place, you can enjoy making them in this workshop, and bring them back to home!

>> Tokyo Christmas Market 2017

Access: Hibiya Station (日比谷 駅) 1 min from A14 / Kasumigaseki Station (霞ヶ関駅) 5min from B2 / Uchisaiwai Station (内幸 駅) 5 min from A7

Event schedule: 15th Dec~25th Dec in 2017 11:00~22:00 (L.O. 21:30)

Official HP: https://tokyochristmas.net/


Tokyo Skytreetown Dream Christmas 2017 at 東京スカイツリー/Tokyo SkyTree

The famous tourist attraction, Tokyo Sky Tree also have a lot of fun happening during the Christmas season.One of them is a projection mapping. There is a projection mapping show on a huge wall located 4F of Sky Arena(スカイアリーナ). The mapping you would see is a story of Christmas with playing some Christmas song.

You can see this show 6 times in a day starting from 17:30, 18:00, 18:30, 19:00, 19:30 and 20:00. Every session goes 8 minutes long.

There is a special illumination you can enjoy in Skytree. There is a 6.34 m high of Christmas tree in the center of Sky Arena. It uses a French style of garden as its motif. You can see beautiful lights with flower beds. During daytime, you can enjoy flowers, and after getting dark, you can enjoy the lights.

>> Tokyo Skytreetown Dream Christmas 2017

Access: Oshiage Station(押上 駅) 1 min

Event schedule: 9th Nov~25th Dec 2017

Official HP: http://dreamchristmas2017.jp/


Christmas Gospel 2017 Glory Gospel Singers

(image: TATE CORPORATION  http://tate.jp/concert/glory/concertglory.html)

If you want to enjoy the Christmas music with real singers, this event is yours. The Glory Gospel Singers is a gospel singers group consisted in New York. They have come and visited for many years and this year will mark their 10th year of singing at this event.

Their character of singing style is to let listeners join in their singing. Sometimes, they welcome some listeners to the stage to sing together. Everyone will get to want to dance together by their singings.

>> Christmas Gospel 2017 Glory Gospel Singers

Event information(at Tokyo)

14th Dec at Nerima Culture Center

17th Dec at Fuchu No Mori Gijyutu Gekijyo

18th Dec at Sumida Triphony Hall

19th Dec at Suginammi Kokaido

22nd Dec at Machida Culture hall

Official HP: http://tate.jp/concert/glory/concertglory.html


Yokohama candle Café 2017

(image: Yokohama candle Café 2017 Official HP http://candle-cafe.jp/index.php?id=2)

If you want to join one of the illuminations making at a city, try this event for this year. This candle event has been set up by volunteer gathering to Yokohama. There are thousands of candles placed outside, and you can enjoy the beautiful scenery created by candles’ lights. The volunteer can place candles which they write messages on. You also can enjoy reading those wishes through. This romantic lights will make a memorable memory to those who visit.

>> Yokohama candle Café 2017

Access:10 mins from Skauragicho Station / at minatomirai

Event Schedule: 22nd ~ 24th Dec 2017

Official HP: http://candle-cafe.jp/index.php?id=2#iv2



Hope you could these enjoy Christmas events in Japan!