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Gifts your Japanese Girlfriend Really Wants

By Guidable Writers Apr 5, 2017

There are many events to exchange or give gifts during a year. In Japan, couples celebrate each other’s Birthday, Christmas, Valentines’ Day, White Day, and their Anniversary. There are so many! We become happy to get gifts, but at the same time, those days can be a nightmare if you fail to satisfy your girlfriend.

 You have no idea what to get for her? Or are you getting run out of gift ideas? Now let’s watch what Japanese girlfriend truly wants from her boyfriend today. 

1. Accessory

An accessory from a boyfriend is overwhelmingly popular among Japanese girls. It’s very common guys give a necklace, earrings, and even a ring to their girlfriend here. Especially a matching necklace or a ring shows commitment to each other, so many couples choose it for a gift. She can tell how special she is for you through the matching accessory.

Does it seem too serious to give your girlfriend accessories yet? Well, the gift of accessories don’t mean marriage engagement, so you don’t need to get worried about this.

2. Watch

Together with accessories, a watch is always in their top wish list. This is something we put on every day in our life. Japanese girls want to think of their boyfriend whenever looking at the watch given from them. They are very faithful and romantic. Isn’t it pretty?

There are matching watches as well like accessories. If you choose a matching one with hers, you can wear it every day and think about your girlfriend often too.

3. Special Dinner and a Birthday Cake

A romantic dinner at a restaurant and a birthday cake for her will make her happy. I recommend you to make a reservation at a nicer restaurant than usual with a surprise birthday cake! Cooking her favorite food by yourself would also make her happy. In this case, don’t let her do piles of dishes afterward. That situation will only make her tired!

4. Plan a Trip

You can organize a day trip or a two if she likes taking a trip. This will give you two an extraordinary experience and tighten your relationship even more. Just tell her a rough plan and you can plan something surprising. However, girls always care what to wear when going on a date with boyfriend, so don’t plan wild activities or formal situation like a restaurant with a dress code. If you want to, I recommend you to tell what you are planning so she can pick up the suitable outfit for that.

5. Flowers With Your Handwriting Letter

Most guys think all girls love flowers but wait. Is it true? Did your girlfriend show special interests to flowers during the date? If she doesn’t even have a flower vase at home, a bunch of flowers have no place to go. A potted flower she has to take care of a long time is even worse

Still, many girls love flowers. If she is one of them, beautiful flower bouquet with your romantic and cordial handwriting letter will bring a Big smile on her face! Beautiful flowers with nice floral fragrance will set the mood while she reads your cordial letter.

Have you got an idea what to get her this year? Japanese girls love accessories they can put on because they can think of their boyfriend through the item. Japanese girls in love are very sweet and romantic. Good luck to you on picking up gifts this year!