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The World of Okonomiyaki – Soul Food of West Japan

By Guidable Writers Oct 6, 2016

Hiroshima Okonomiyaki; Another Style of Okonomiyaki

Okonomiyaki is well known for local food of West Japan, especially Osaka and Hiroshima. They have almost same ingredients and different style, however, Hiroshima style okonomiyaki has quite different ingredients by district. It is caused by lifestyle habit and local specialties, and you can enjoy several taste there. In some district, its okonomiyaki contains locally made sauce and noodles which have spicy taste, on the other hand, restaurants in another district prefer udon to noodles to satisfy factory workers’ hunger. There are 3 different style okonomiyaki, and you should try them.

(Photo by Yuko)


Hiroshima Style – The Basic

Hiroshima style okonomiyaki was of course introduced in the city of Hiroshima. The ingredients are batter, cabbages, pork, bean sprouts, eggs, noodles or udon, etc. The features are thin dough like crepes, lots of cabbages and noodles, and you must be full. Its basic style is called “niku tama soba”; with pork, eggs, and noodles. Many restaurants have several choices of toppings; ikaten (deep fried calamari), mochi, cheese, green onion, etc. You may also choose more noodles or udon if you are hungry. Serving style varies by restaurants, but local people like eating by spatula from griddle. If you can’t eat very hot food, they can serve it by plate like below. If you can seat in front of the griddle, it is so fun to watch the process. You would be surprised at its staffs’ technic.

(Photo by Yuko)


Fuchu Style – Same Appearance, Crispier Taste

In the city of Fuchu, east part of the pref., has slightly different style called Fuchu-yaki. It seems to be the same as Hiroshima style, but it is used ground beef and pork, and doesn’t add bean sprouts. That is why it is crispier than Hiroshima style. Because there were lots of two-income households, Fuchu-yaki has been made as snacks for children. The city has been trying to spread it as community building lately. Not only in Fuchu, you can also try Fuchu-yaki in Fukuyama, which is neighbor of Fuchu, and Hiroshima.

(Photo by Yuko)


New Wave – Looks Like Omelet

Hiroshima okonomiyaki is often compared to pizza or pancakes, however, there is new appearance which looks like omelet. Even though it has same ingredients, it is wrapped by 2 eggs, and put lots of green onion. This unique okonomiyaki is served at some restaurant near Hiroshima Station. Its okonomiyaki tastes mild and soft, then it is also known for unique name; Thunderbolt, Dream, King of Rookie, etc. If you have ever tried okonomiyaki, you would discover another taste. It also serves basic okonomiyaki, and you can have your choice of style. More info;

(Photo by Yuko)